Link Technologies. Knowledge Base

1. Inventory Valuation Report shows incorrect data when 'Freight' is used in Transfers (L11757)

Financial & Asset Management

1. "Journal Number" shows special characters on the "Asset Journal" report. (L10114)
2. "Show Detail" filter is not functional for the "Debtors Annual Maintenance As At" report. (L10123)
3. Asset allocation to Employees and Projects Management for Assets (L12679)
4. Asset Register gives incorrect W.D.V for Disposed Assets (L12233)
5. Depreciation is not calculated in version 12.40 (L12235)
6. Display the description for "Depreciation Method" and "WDV" on the "Asset Depreciation Schedule" report (L10113)
7. Employee details are missing from the "Asset Reports". (L10116)
8. FRCS SDC integration for Reprint is not working (L11894)
9. Gain/Loss of Asset not correctly calculated when asset is disposed. (L09719)
10. Include the "Activity Book" details in the "Asset Activity" for an item. (L10119)
11. Remove redundant "Asset Register" reports from Link Web (L10118)
12. Request for FAR - File Import Template (L12048)
13. Unable to create a "New Cash Receipt" in FMIS - Version 11.5 (L11901)
14. Unable to search for "Assets" in the "Search form" for asset reports in LinkWeb. (L10115)
15. Unable to search for "Part No" and "Creditor" in the "Purchase Orders Not Invoiced As At (FMIS)" report. (L10212)

FMIS (Jiwa/Epicor/etc)

1. FMIS Integration Improvement for Bank Reconciliation (L12276)
2. Purchase Order with 0 costs is not integrated into MYOB (L12364)


1. Add "Send Feedback" option on LinkSOFT to allow customers to contact support with issues and concerns (L12608)
2. Add "user access list" security so one user cannot view all other users without permission (L12147)
3. Add a "Blank" selection to the "Employee and Leave" dropdowns for the "Create Leave Allocation" button. (L12096)
4. Add a cleanup process that removes unused Server objects from the framework (L09759)
5. Add a digital signature to LinkSOFT so that Windows and other seurity management systems will trust the installer (L10323)
6. Add a digital signature to LinkSOFT so that Windows and other seurity management systems will trust the installer [Created from case L10323] (L11835)
7. Add a feature to check for the SQL API version. Once the version has been verified then continue with the integration. (L12107)
8. Add a File Manager in LinkWEB to allow POS users to Maintain Customer Display messages (L11959)
9. Add a log when licence is requested and remove spaces in the "Company Code" and Name before getting a new licence (L12110)
10. Add a menu in POS that shows a list of payment/gift vouchers and their usage. (L12573)
11. Add ability for customers to Upload Databases to a Secure FTP Location for safe storage (L11745)
12. Add ability to delete a user and transfer all related data to another nominated Active user (L12169)
13. Add ability to delete multiple records from "Email Log" (L12220)
14. Add ability to handle Data Views in LinkSOFT Framework (L11725)
15. Add ability to select multiple entries and make them inactive at once instead of making items inactive one at a time (L12306)
16. Add ability to select multiple entries and process them at once instead of individually (L12316)
17. Add an "Email notifications" Archive functionality to prevent high CPU Usage due to Email Attachments (L12066)
18. Add Captcha to the login screen to prevent robotic logins to LinkSOFT (L11962)
19. Add configuration to prevent public user signup to LinkWEB (L12124)
20. Add Dashboards and User customisable Dashboards to LinkSOFT (L12710)
21. Add Document Template to Scheduled Reports so they can have their own Email Template (L12671)
22. Add File upload and processing functionality to LinkWEB now that we do not have direct Database access on Cloud Setup (L11953)
23. Add Health Check functionality to allow the system to automatically verify system Status (L11727)
24. Add Menu instructions to all forms so that we can get customers to instruct their users on any special instructions (L12130)
25. Add Search and limit rows to "Rows to return" configuration as some companies have > 10,000 Accounts Receivable Accounts (L12609)
26. Add Search and limit rows to "Rows to return" configuration as some companies have > 10,000 GL Accounts (L12605)
27. Add the ability to enable "Audit" for multiple table as once (L12148)
28. Add the ability to have maintained a list of functional points for each menu item in LinkSOFT (L11938)
29. Add the ability to run all background processes in "Link Process Scheduler" (L11886)
30. Add the ability to store Additional Fields (Custom Fields or User Defined Fields) in LinkSOFT Framework (L10510)
31. Add two-factor authentication to Linksoft web - Authenticator APP (L12243)
32. Add two-factor authentication to Linksoft web as it can be configured to be accessed from external networks (L12081)
33. Add UserCreated and User Modified on Important Tables (L12595)
34. Add VOID option on the employee rate so that we can create a new rate with the same effective date. CASE T13084 (L12046)
35. Additional Fields improvement - Add validate Email field definition (L11784)
36. Ah Liki Group (Samoa) - TIMS Integration Process and Discussion (L12069)
37. Allow "multiple select" when Adding and Removing Roles from User Maintenance (L10505)
38. Application Title does not sometimes refresh when logging in (L12539)
39. AR Sales Order View - Timeout (L12014)
40. Audit Data screen to give cumulative data (L09897)
41. Audit operation should not allow users to audit processing tables, log tables and Archive tables as these tables cannot be changed by the user (L12611)
42. Automatically unlock user after 10 minutes (L11844)
43. Backups taken via application is saved with a different name in the "Backup Folder" (L09848)
44. Batch ID for Replication API Queues causes Non-Unique ID's when using high-performance machines (L12615)
45. Change reports displaying address to be in a standard format (L12088)
46. Cleanup and Improve the "Processes" menu to make it easier for users to understand and manage (L12277)
47. Cleanup unused temporary objects created by LinkSOFT (L12042)
48. Combine processes ESS016 and ESS017. these are 2 missing time alerts that can be combined into 1. (L12100)
49. Components Framework upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2 (L09709)
50. Correct Leave allocation data in demo database (L12111)
51. Create Database Templates to Improve Implementation Effort (L10542)
52. Database Size issue for High Volume Transaction Sites (L11830)
53. Database Tools - Add a mechanism to prevent a user from accidentally upgrading the same database from two separate machines (L12352)
54. Database Tools gives error in V12.2 - Missing file in installation "Images.dll" (L12092)
55. Database utility - Improve Validations when creating databases (L12082)
56. Database Utility buttons are not visible in some screen resolutions (L12668)
57. Demo data to be added to all forms in LinkSOFT (L12248)
58. Discrepancies with "Display Order" functionality in link web. (L10308)
59. EFT Processing using VERIFONE VX690 for Australia, Fiji and the Pacific Islands (L12302)
60. Email Alerts should contain an identifier at the end of the alert indicating the source of the alert (L12204)
61. Email Scheduler does not send emails if one email is invalid in the EMAIL Addresses list (L10245)
62. Emails are not sending. Status is "Ready" in the email log (L12725)
63. Emails fails for subjects that have "carriage return characters" or "line feed characters". (L10315)
64. Emails should not be sent to users that are "NOT APPROVED", or users that are in the "Email Exclusion list" (L12156)
65. Employee "web user ID" should be maintained on the employee profile instead of the framework. (L10313)
66. Employee Bank Direct Credit Setup = can add a second entry with "remainder" checked (L12594)
67. Enable customization based on the registered company name (L12086)
68. Enabler Desktop v4.10.0 implementation and Enabler Embedded v1.10.0 Pump Update (L12718)
69. Encrypt TNA devices "Linked Server Password" in the database (L12087)
70. Enforce Password Expiration (L11843)
71. Error while upgrading a database from version 10.1 (L11697)
72. ESDC signing invoice fails using inspur ESDC firmware (L11936)
73. Event Log Alert for ERROR Messages contain a large amount of data making the Alert difficult to read (L12271)
74. Extend encryption to all modules where the password is stored. (L12080)
75. Failure sending Emails when using Exchange server (L12676)
76. Fix Helpdesk "call header" and "detail" users so that these are valid users (L12112)
77. Forms-POS/POS/CustomerMaintenance.aspxPayments tab -> Add option to print payment receipt (L12059)
78. Framework components update (L12160)
79. FRCSSDC Integration Failure Notification alert (L11917)
80. Free Version of LinkSOFT for community and small customers (L12733)
81. FTP Backup Upload Automation for LinkSOFT Customers (L12226)
82. General "System Test" Changes for Verification and documentation (L12025)
83. Generic pre-release tests for 10.153.1021 (L11801)
84. Grid Formatting and Defaults (L10474)
85. Helpfile corrections required in Build 11.5 (L11935)
86. Helpfile to open based on the menu selected (L12362)
87. Improve performance of Processes configured in "Company Administration ~> Processes" (L12103)
88. Improve the database and Server connection error messages or POS Login (L12098)
89. Improvements to Document Template (L10180)
90. Improvements to handling Email from LinkSOFT (L11719)
91. Improvements to LinkSOFT Demo Database - Add multiple companies with samples for each country (L12097)
92. Improvements to Report Email process (L10262)
93. Improvements to reporting search framework (L12228)
94. Improvements to Version 12.2 - Summary of changes extracted from Notes/Journal (L12064)
95. Improvements to Web API framework (L11893)
96. In User Maintenance, add the ability to enable Email2FA for selected users (L12732)
97. Incorrect backup file name for other databases. (L12145)
98. Incorrect Company ID is passed when email scheduler generates reports from "Report Email Log" (L11890)
99. Incorrect company used for Test mode emails in Report Email Log (L11892)
100. Incorrect Message after RM user creation. (L10201)
101. Incorrect report is emailed from Report scheduler when the user switches to a different company (L09708)
102. Incorrect tax reflection in LINKSOFT when the "Tax Inclusive" flag is disabled in MYOB (L12021)
103. Integration "AR Transaction" records imported from external systems should be editable if the status is "Failed" (L12203)
104. Integration Failures are not recorded in the Integration Notes (L12318)
105. Integration notes is not updated when creditor currency is invalid (L09825)
106. Integration to external systems (Jiwa v6.5.13, Jiwa v7, Epicor 7.4) using direct SQL API improvements (L11916)
107. Integration to external systems- Add Revenue Account in Invoice Line Items (L11937)
108. Integration Transactions that come through the API that is DUPLICATES are not created in LinkSOFT (L12201)
109. Integration Transactions that have failed is difficult to view and re-process (L12200)
110. Javascript error relating to lbStatus when expanding PayRun entries (L12602)
111. Licence changes for version 11 (L10302)
112. Licence changes in version 13.00 onwards (L12365)
113. License request should use the "Registered Name" (L09823)
114. Limit the default number of rows in a grid where there is a search functionality (L12229)
115. Link Database Update Utility - FTP Upload Functionality fails with Licence Validation "Invalid Licence. Error Code: LR100" (L12001)
116. Link Licence changes in V10 (L10388)
117. Link Scheduler Service Improvements (L11980)
118. LinkSOFT "Audit Data" is not informative for analysis and reporting (L12237)
119. LinkSOFT 12 - Documentation update (L12039)
120. LinkSOFT 12 - Quality and Release Stabilisation for V12.0.1015 (L12040)
121. LinkSOFT API for Time And Attendance required HRM licence to maintain TNA Devices (L12366)
122. LinkSOFT Backup Database Management - Improvements (L11847)
123. LinkSOFT FRCS VMS Integration with Vodafone Web Billing - TOPUP System (L11859)
124. LinkSOFT Security Alert - Urgent and Confidential (L09769)
125. LinkSOFT V11 - Refactoring, Cleanup and Fine Tuning (L11824)
126. LinkSOFT WEB API to handle data transmission between two LinkSOFT Databases instead of using "Linked Servers" (L12317)
127. LinkSOFT WEB API to handle data transmission between two LinkSOFT Databases instead of using "Linked Servers" (L12273)
128. LinkWEB Backup Database Management (L10439)
129. List of improvements in v12.32 (L12191)
130. Login CAPTCHA should only be required when a login attempt has failed (L12047)
131. Menu customisation to allow for custom menu Groups and Names (L12559)
132. Menu search capability to allow easy navigation to a menu item (L12331)
133. Menu Time Management ~> Payroll Timesheets - Paging does not allow "ALL" (L12604)
134. Merge backoffice role maintenance to Web (L10438)
135. Merge Link Reporter and LinkPOS together now that all back office reports are on LinkWEB (L11952)
136. Microsoft Dynamics Integration build using MS Dynamics API (L12635)
137. Microsoft has announced .NET Framework 4.5.2, 4.6, and 4.6.1 will reach the end of life support on 26 April 2022 (L12252)
138. Migrate "Role Module Access"to Link Web (L10484)
139. Migration of Back-Office User Maintenance to Link Web (L10494)
140. Minor changes, bug fixes and journal of changes, UAT and release testing (L12655)
141. Modify "REC-Applicant" to "DefaultUser" for clarity. (L10271)
142. Module configuration added to menu items (L11985)
143. Move POS detail notes 1-4 to product additional fields (L12058)
144. Multiple minor changes for LinkSOFT V13.03 (L12575)
145. Multiple Minor changes to LinkSOFT to improve Usability, Functionality and Stability (L12712)
146. Multiple Minor changes to LinkSOFT to improve Usability, Functionality and Stability (L12680)
147. MYOB Accountright / LinkSOFT Integration for VMS and Full Integration (Similar to Linksoft to JIWA/Epicor) (L11867)
148. MYOB AccountRight Integration for 2020.2 (L12000)
149. MYOB API allows multiple companies to one Serial number - we need to handle this scenario (L12010)
150. MYOB Essentials and LinkSOFT Integration using LinkSOFT Inventory (L11913)
151. No Confirmation Received that Export From Crystal Reports Completed (L12570)
152. No option to modify "Display Order" for "Document Templates" (L10270)
153. Null reference error when processing FRCSSDC integration for Samoa Client using MYOB (L12006)
154. Password requirements instructions are not correct (L09594)
155. Payroll and HR reports needs to have Employee code seperate from Name for export to excel and analysis purposes (L12045)
156. Performance improvements on loading pages in LinkWEB. Use Caching and Sessions to store reusable static data (L11974)
157. Plugin Framework needs to be Company Specific. Cleanup Company Speific plugins (L12262)
158. POS -> Search for an item -> Web Search - browser script error (L12168)
159. Primary key serialisation issue in New Devexpress Framework - Primary keys need to be a non serialised value for security reasons (L12142)
160. Purchase orders should be automatically sent to suppliers when approved (L12083)
161. Purge Audit Records should be configured at a Table level so that we can keep master files for a longer period compared to Transactions. (L12350)
162. Quality testing on Licence validation, initial requests and Upgrades (L12162)
163. Recruitment Management forms Review (L12249)
164. Reduce the number of Alerts sent out by the system (L12217)
165. Reduce the number of Alerts sent out by the system - Part 2 (L12246)
166. Remove "Role"from "User Login"in Backoffice (L10483)
167. Remove Leave Codes hardcoding of rules such as Leave Loading. (L12099)
168. Remove the option "Other" from the "City dropdown" for "New" and "Demo" databases (L12095)
169. Replication Server setup - When entering Mask, we should limit the size to 2 as we only save the first two. In saying that, we should increase the mask to 4 digits (L12574)
170. Report Notes not updating - should see timestamp value in Report Maintenance (L12610)
171. Reports Export Data raises an error when generating data export for FMIS Integrated reports (L12614)
172. Reports footer notes hyperlink is incorrect (L12171)
173. Reports Performance Improvements (L12309)
174. Reports Performance Improvements affected by very large volumes - Stage 2 (L12315)
175. Restore database needs to be blocked from accessing scheduled processes to prevent data issues (L12561)
176. Restore Database Script to Disable alerts and set the system to TEST Mode (L12537)
177. Review "Date Filters" for fields with "Date and Time" (L12052)
178. Review "User Licence" for "FMIS, HRM, POS and HEL" licence groups (L10237)
179. Review Error Logging to prevent multiple entries for the same error (L12172)
180. Review indexes and fine-tune for performance improvement (L11957)
181. Review web forms and standardize and Improve all views (L09560)
182. SAGE300 (2019)/ LinkSOFT Integration for VMS and Full Integration(Similar to Linksoft to JIWA/Epicor)   (L11868)
183. Samoa Tax Core - VMS Certification for (L11931)
184. Security Compliance and Improvements (L12241)
185. Separate report email set up by the company (L11822)
186. Show multi-line in the grid for memo fields (L12121)
187. Sign and Email invoices created in SAGE 2019.3 (L11883)
188. Sorting of records in reports are by CODE which makes it difficult to navigate (L09761)
189. Summary of minor changes from 12.44 to 12.50 (L12341)
190. Summary of Minor changes to LinkSOFT 13.01 (L12541)
191. Summary of Minor changes to LinkSOFT 13.02 (L12544)
192. Syntax error is logged when searching Helpdesk cases with spaces between words, e.g. 'additional fields AND edit'. (L12592)
193. System Performance tracing, Event log and Audit improvements (L12310)
194. System Tests for changes done in 12.30 (Extracted from Notes and Journals) (L12070)
195. System Tests, Stabilization and documentation for each module LinkSOFT V12.30 (L12055)
196. The Event Log is updated with an error after "Password Recovery". (L12149)
197. Transaction search capability to allow easy navigation to a menu item based on a Transaction reference (L12332)
198. Two Factor Authentication - Enable users to use either App or Email (L12259)
199. Unable to "View" documents from "Report Email Log". (L10238)
200. Unable to change Password Field on menu "Integration ~> FMISSQLAPI" on some environments (L12719)
201. Unable to connect into "Link SQL Tools" - 9.5 Beta 2 (L09539)
202. Unable to generate Tax Employer Monthly Schedule Report - Error: Unable to cast com object of Type. Crystal Reports issue with LinkSOFT 10.138 and JIWA 7.2 (L09754)
203. Unable to upgrade demo database to version 12.43 (L12291)
204. Update all reports with notes to define the purpose of the reports and report filters. (L09700)
205. Update Component Frameworks for Security Compliance (L12709)
206. Update documentation for FRCSSDC. Redo the VMS/TMS Setup page to add the updated configurations for FRCSSDC. (L12109)
207. Upgrade process error handling should log issues for the administrator to review POST upgrade. (L12105)
208. Upgrade Scheduling Framework from 2.0 to 2.6 to handle Asynchronous tasks using .Net Framework 4.6 + (L12261)
209. Upgrading OLD databases (V10 and earlier) can sometimes cause an error in Full-Text Indexing for Replication systems (L12634)
210. Upgrading user accounts to version 10 - Business rules (L09670)
211. Users should be able to manage their Notifications subscriptions (L12251)
212. Users with NO ROLES logging in create a Critical Error Message in the event log (L12622)
213. Users without "Add", "Edit" and "Delete" access can upload files under "Download". (L11993)
214. Validate the "Email" format at the entry level. (L10248)
215. When "Document Template" is disabled, do not send email (L10170)
216. Workflow for Leave and Time are separate - however, the employee list is not based on the Workflow setup. Refer to case CASE T13114 (L12044)
217. Xero / LinkSOFT Integration for VMS and LinkPOS Integration using LinkSOFT Inventory (L11912)


1. Add "Word Wrap" to the "Contact Number" column on the "Call Analysis Report - Excel Output" report. (L10121)
2. Add a configurable Task "Time allowed to complete" for each "Priority", "Group" and "Category" in Helpdesk (L11728)
3. Add a Document Footer Notes for Helpdesk (L10524)
4. Add security to Helpdesk Case to "Allow Close", "Allow Notification Change", Extend "ETC" (L12707)
5. Add the ability to allocate PROJECTS in a helpdesk Case (L09827)
6. Add the ability to COPY a helpdesk case (L09828)
7. Add the ability to create cases by using tags in the subject line (L12008)
8. Add the ability to extend the "Expected Resolution Date" when adding a comment in Helpdesk (L12017)
9. Add the ability to handle Alias Names in User Accounts (User Members, Related users) (L09805)
10. Add the ability to include email addresses in the Case Notifications (L11967)
11. Add the ability to respond to Helpdesk calls via the internet to allow users without an account to add comments (L11647)
12. Automated closing a case with a message (L10515)
13. Call Listing Report Improvement (L09718)
14. Change Helpdesk Call Header EDIT security to always allow edit is there are NO Comment Entries (L10541)
15. Contact Us is not being monitored and needs to go directly into a Helpdesk Case similar to "Email To Support" (L12166)
16. Define purpose of "SLA Enabled" under "Helpdesk -> Category Maintenance" (L10324)
17. Deleted items are showing in the menu "Helpdesk Maintenance ~> Category" Detail view (L12177)
18. Editing cases in the projects menu is slow (L12178)
19. Emails sent to does not get auto logged or updated in cases in helpdesk (L09604)
20. Helpdesk "Document Templates" should not be available in the Case Editor if the template is deleted (L12339)
21. Helpdesk cases need to be made PRIVATE in certain cases where information is confidential (L12265)
22. Helpdesk cases with large images are causing performance issues and Alert display issues (L09726)
23. Helpdesk Comments to be marked as "Deleted" instead of removing the entry from the database (L12319)
24. Improve Customer Survey process and response analysis (L10328)
25. Knowledgebase improvements allow users to easily search for issues and solutions. (L12535)
26. Move Helpdesk Mail import from configuration to Integration framework (L09605)
27. Priority, Category and Group display in Helpdesk should show Deleted items in the main display. Do No show DELETED items in the Edit form. (L09704)
28. Review "CallsActionedToday" alert and improve readability and content. (L12108)
29. Unable to access the "Complete Survey" link in Helpdesk. (L11741)
30. Unable to delete "Escalation Rules" in Helpdesk. (L11667)
31. User List Dropdown should show users who have access to the module group (L09653)


1. Assistant Accountant User Restriction (L11944)
2. Change of Pay Team (L12532)
3. Licence Revenue Analysis Report Filter (L10151)
4. Link Documentation content has lots of formatting issues (L12007)
5. LinkSOFT POS Stations and Backend Server Sizing Recommendations (L12530)
6. LinkSOFT Version 10.148 Release (L12531)
7. Long service leave transaction not showing [AYW Call Number: 1105] (L11632)
8. Meeting Minutes 15/11/2018 (L09705)
9. Site Visit for ANGSL (Sanjay Singh) on 11th March 2020 to 13th March 2020 (L11926)
10. Tasks, additional fields, notes, attachments data sources are called twice on page load (L12034)

Payroll & HR

1. "Active & Leave (AL)" does not filter the "Birthday Anniversary Listing" report correctly (L10192)
2. "Active & Leave (AL)" does not filter the reports correctly (L10205)
3. "Actual Points" is not updated under "Performance Points" at Save (L10391)
4. "Allocations" and "Accrual" are shown as "Paid" in the "Leave Transaction" report (L12085)
5. "Data in Grid" for the "Pay Edit Cost Centre Detail" report does not generate data (L12347)
6. "Enrol" link does not show under "Employee Profile -> Training Schedule". (L10419)
7. "Leave Analysis Report" currently loading data for ALL companies. We need to add a PARAMETER and check user access. (L12125)
8. "Leave without pay" (LWOP) hours should be a negative amount in the "Pay Edit Report" (L12282)
9. "Missing Time Alert" contains time entry with status as "Approval In Progress" (L09766)
10. "Notes" from "Ethnic" maintenance is updated under "My Profile" when the "Employee Code" and the "Ethnic Code" is the same. (L10268)
11. "Pay Team Access" lookup does not load the pay team list after a pay team has been added for an organization. (L09737)
12. "Pay Type" dropdown list is empty on the "Create New Pay" screen. (L09586)
13. "Position Structure - Organisation" report not showing the hierarchical view of position structure (L12214)
14. "Reports To" field is not validated in the excel template for the "Position" sheet. (L10392)
15. "Show Graphs" filter does not work on the "Employee Cost Analysis" (344-17) report. (L09644)
16. "System Verification report" does not populate data for the filters if the company is not 1001. (L09711)
17. "Test Mode" header is not clear on Payslip Reports (L09541)
18. "User Employee Rate" is not functional under "Customer Project/Rates". (L10422)
19. "Vacancy Advertisement Alert" is not sent in version 11 (L10411)
20. “Acumatica” GL integration to LinkSOFT Payroll using CSV File Export (L12264)
21. A blank report is generated when printing purchase orders from menu 575. (L09537)
22. Ability to "Overide" quantity in pay using the "Pay Employee Detail" import template (L12285)
23. Access authorization via scan cards do not have the correct behavior (L09697)
24. Activity workflow does not take effect in "Time entry" where there is a workflow specified in an Activity (L12621)
25. Add "Access" controls for "Additional Fields" on the "Employee Profile" (L11742)
26. Add "Rule Description" for the HR configurations (L10408)
27. Add "Tax Code (P or S)" field to the Tax Withholding Certificate (L09877)
28. Add a configuration to disallow "Retirement" alert to be sent to the employees (L12135)
29. Add controls to disallow users to change the default "Project and Activity" rates when creating "Time Entries" (L11889)
30. Add labels on the "Employee Profile" page in Link Web (L10390)
31. Add payroll approval in LinkWEB before the payroll officer can generate the "Bank Submission" file (L12192)
32. Add the "Code" field to the "Edit Form" for qualification in the "Applicant Profile" (L10403)
33. Add the ability to group "Employee Composition" by "Territory", "Branch" and "Cost Centre" (L11694)
34. Add wrapping for the "Employee" and " Position" columns in the "Pay Settlement Report". (L10343)
35. Add wrapping for the "Employee" column in the "OHS Committee Listing" report. (L10387)
36. Add wrapping for the "Position Description" and "Employee Name" columns in the "Orangisation Structure" report. (L10228)
37. Add wrapping in the "Payslip A4", "Payslip A5" and "Payslip A6" reports. (L10355)
38. Add wrapping to the "Employee" column in the "Pay Signature Report". (L10344)
39. Add wrapping to the "Employee" column in the "Pay Coinage Report". (L10338)
40. Allow Edit of Quantity for Pay codes coming from Allowance, Benefit and Deduction of Paysetup (L12684)
41. An issue with the "Employee Probation" report in version 11. (L10425)
42. ANZ bank files are been rejected due to HEX characters - Version 949 [Created from case 9549] (L09550)
43. Applicant Profile Improvements (L11970)
44. Approver is still able to view employee profile despite being marked as "disabled" in the workflow (L10254)
45. Approvers are able to add, edit and submit their own time from Timesheet (L11670)
46. ATO Single Touch Payroll submissions can be deleted as some pays supersede previous pays and do not need to be submitted. (L12286)
47. ATO STP PayEvent.Update event not triggered from Link Payroll (L11902)
48. Attachment description is removed after submitting a vacancy application (L11783)
49. Auto Calculate Normal Hours and Overtime when ShiftID, Start Time and End Time details are filled (L11671)
50. Automatic creation of ESS employee profile (L09535)
51. Backoffice Payroll migration to WEB framework (L11929)
52. Bank Batch Summary report - payee's details are not required (L10241)
53. BIOMETRIC entries are marked as failed on Timesheet Log (L11713)
54. Break is not deducted for a 24 hours overtime timesheet. (L11965)
55. BRED ALL Bank file output required for customers using BRED Bank (L12738)
56. BSP Internet Banking (IB) Bank File (L12565)
57. Can a Approver be set to a sequence of 1 and 2 together in ESS Approval Workflow? (L10521)
58. Change description for "Show Full List" filter on the "Employee Issuable Items Report" (L10173)
59. Change in Report Layout - Bureau of Statistics Report (L10284)
60. Changing the "Cost Centre" for a position should update the cost centre for employees with status "Active and Leave". (L11955)
61. Changing the Configuration from Menu 233 in Second Company also changes the values in Company 1 (L09728)
62. Changing the employee ID from 321 does not change the ID in the Timesheet tables. (L09692)
63. Clicking on "Employee Profile -- Meeting", timeouts the application in the LTA database. (L09681)
64. Column header is removed when the "Pay Deduction Report" is filtered by a "Payrun ID" (L10055)
65. Configuration for Next Pay Dates (L11982)
66. Content for "ess.alert.TimeExpense.enable" alert is incorrect when time entry is "Approved" or "Rejected" (L10287)
67. Contents in the "ESS Employee Profile Report" is redundant. (L10183)
68. Contract Expiry Alerts - to add Company, Territory and Branch Information (L10279)
69. Correct details in the "Employee Training History" report (L10181)
70. COVID19 Budget Bill No. 8 FNPF Rate Changes - Request for Script (L11941)
71. Create a maintenance for "Meeting Resources" (L11828)
72. Create a template to import employee "Superannuation" setup details (L12545)
73. Create the output file for HFC All Banks (L12018)
74. Data displayed on "Superannuation Report (Fiji FNPF)" is zero on some fields (L12546)
75. Data not displayed on "Pay Edit Report" summary section when grouped by "Cost Centre" (L12369)
76. Deductions with "Includes Banking" is not included in the "ANZ Transactive" and "ANZ Transactive Direct" file - Ref case: L08485 (L12343)
77. Define the purpose of "Default Activity" in the "Activity Maintenance" in ESS. (L10321)
78. Deleted time entries appear on the Timesheet Payroll Report (L09602)
79. Develop the EMS "ECAL" file for Fiji (L11871)
80. Develop the EMS "PayDay Reporting" file for Fiji (L11870)
81. Discipline alert is not sent in version 11.0522 (L10405)
82. Discrepancies in the "Employee Listing" report. (L10175)
83. Discrepancies in the "Leave History" report (L10218)
84. Discrepancies with "Pay Edit Report By Cost Centre". (L10339)
85. Discrepancies with "Succession Planning Report" (L10318)
86. Discrepancies with the "Course Attendees Report" (L10428)
87. Discrepancies with the "Course Feedback Report" (L10430)
88. Discrepancies with the "Course Learning Outcome Report (L10431)
89. Discrepancies with the "Employee Entry and Exit" report (L10417)
90. Discrepancies with the "Employee Induction Topic" report (L10423)
91. Discrepancies with the "Employee Induction" report (L10424)
92. Discrepancies with the "Employee Membership" report. (L10416)
93. Discrepancies with the "Employee Qualification" report (L10414)
94. Discrepancies with the "OHS Incident Listing" report (L10223)
95. Discrepancies with the "Pay Edit Report YTD" (L10349)
96. Discrepancies with the "Pay Salary Deposit Slip" (L10342)
97. Discrepancies with the "Paycode Accumulator Report" (L10350)
98. Discrepancies with the "Paycode Listing" report (L10351)
99. Discrepancies with the "Position Listing/ Occupancy" report (L10243)
100. Discrepancies with Timesheet Payroll Report (L10397)
101. Display employee name on Timesheet Import ~> Timesheet grid (L09684)
102. Duplicate "Education" details are printed in the "Applicant Profile" report (L10389)
103. Duplicate "Integration Settings" for PreECAL under "PAYTaxFile". (L12143)
104. Duplicate "leave" entries in Report "Timesheet Import Log Report" (L10258)
105. ECAL and SRL calculations are invorrect when reducing ANHRS and adding other Gross Items (L12746)
106. Editing existing employee profiles - the saved information goes missing (L09872)
107. Employee Anniversary and Birthday alerts improvement (L12013)
108. Employee not populating in Timesheet Import Log Report upon selection based on Territory, Branch and Cost Centre (L12102)
109. Employee Pay Register shows incorrect branch (L11777)
110. Employee Rate Audit Report - Add "Date To" and "Date From" Filters (L10292)
111. Employee skill is not printed in "Succession Planing" report (L11649)
112. Employee work experience is not updated on the "Employee Profile" report. (L09734)
113. Employee's start date is not correct in the Employee Listing Report - after change of status (L12238)
114. Employer super excess tax exemption (L12061)
115. Enhancement to auto Create "Public Holiday Entitled" time entries for employees marked as "Timesheet" (L11683)
116. Enrollment Number is not updated when employees are added to a training schedule from ESS. (L09634)
117. Entitle After Year is not reflected in the Leave Code Listing Report (L10209)
118. Entries to be marked as invalid - if start time and end time hours is less than the hours defined in segment 1 of the allocated shift (L10383)
119. Error in printing the receipt when a payment is completed from "Account Payment and Allocation" (L09545)
120. Error in updating enrollment status in Training Schedule (L11829)
121. ESS Performance issues (L09688)
122. ESS Timesheet details are not removed from the "Current Pay Details" table after pay update. (L09551)
123. Fiji PAYE calculation changes for Weekly/Fortnightly pay frequency (L11984)
124. Finalizing the Single Touch Data at End of Finacial Year (L10497)
125. FJECAL Rate change from 10% to 5% (L12043)
126. FNPF Contribution Report - City information in the report should pick up from the City Field on menu 211 (L10295)
127. FNPF Superannuation Report certain details missing (L09894)
128. Full Name is not updated for "Appraised By" in the "Maintain Appraisals" menu. (L10155)
129. Generating "Paycode Accumulator Report" gives a message "String or binary data would be truncated" (L12632)
130. GL Integration Report - Summary of GL Transactions does not Group by Financial Dimensions (L11979)
131. Grade Scaling to be Greyed Out under Emplyee Profile>Employee Maintenance>Grade History (L12629)
132. Gross and Taxable Allowance Between Pay Analysis, Pay Accumulator, Levy, Employee Payment History and Tax Employer Monthly Schedule Not Reconciling (L12728)
133. Historical Payslips for Employees does not show Bank Details if the Bank account details are changed (L10493)
134. Icons on all Payroll and HR screens disappear after viewing an attachment in Backoffice. (L09600)
135. Implement Cost Centre Field on the employee lookup screen on menu 332-3 (L11832)
136. Implement Job Description filter in Employee Position History Report (L11652)
137. Implement standard approval workflow to Time Approval, Leave Approval (L12360)
138. Implement Territory, Branch and Cost Centre to Time and Attendance module (L10491)
139. Improve "Course Feedback" response functionality (L10426)
140. Improve content for the "Employee Additional Information Audit Report" (L10134)
141. Improve the description for the "backup filename" at pay update. (L09748)
142. Improve the PAYE design to accommodate for scenarios where number of actual pays exceeds the default number of pays in a "Pay Team". (L09844)
143. Improvement required in the "Employee Exit Details" report. (L10156)
144. Improvement required in the "Performance Standard Listing" and "Business Objective Listing" reports. (L10358)
145. Improvement to "Employee Hours Analysis" reports (L10158)
146. Improvement to Payroll system messages. (L09650)
147. Improvements for the "Employee Retirement Provision" report (L10486)
148. Improvements to "Employee Normal Pay Report" (L12093)
149. Improvements to Appraisal Maintenance and Entry (L12153)
150. Improvements to Leave Transaction Report (L10489)
151. Improvements to Performance Management (L12041)
152. Improvements to the "Employee Discipline Form" (L10153)
153. Improvements to TNA Import Log Delete process (L12538)
154. Inconsistency with "Pay Code" fields in version 11. (L10444)
155. Incorporate Family Care GL code (L11767)
156. Incorrect "Hourly" rate calculated in the "Standard" and "Normal" pay (L12140)
157. Incorrect "Payment Method" is output in the "Transactive Direct Bank File" (L12543)
158. Incorrect bank file contents (L11991)
159. Incorrect CEID passed in leave transaction update (L11809)
160. Incorrect company details are printed in the "Leave Due" report (L10334)
161. Incorrect data displayed in the "Leave Analysis" screen. (L10468)
162. Incorrect information on the Payment Adjustment reports - Issue with "Void" and "Refund" payment (L09589)
163. Incorrect leave "Date To" when leave is approved (L12101)
164. Incorrect Payslip Emailed to Employees (L11704)
165. Incorrect position history causes employees to have incorrect positions when pay is created (L11779)
166. Incorrect Spelling for Data View - Employee Issuable Items (L11992)
167. Incorrect spelling of "Hourly" on the "Employee Rate Audit" report. (L09758)
168. Increase the file upload size for attachments (L12692)
169. Inline Add and Edit for Pay Editing (L12683)
170. Integration Menus are missing from the Role Menu Access screen for all system generated roles. (L09673)
171. Issue in "Performance Appraisal Summary Report" when generated for "Half Yearly" (L12677)
172. Issue with "Employee Transfer" form (L10490)
173. Issues in the "Performance Plan" report (L10380)
174. Issues in the "Training Plan" report (L10385)
175. Issues in the "Training Schedule " report (L10386)
176. Issues in the "Meeting Records" report (L10222)
177. Issues with "Employee Pay Rate Utility" report and screen. (L10177)
178. Issues with "Meetings " in Link Web (L10407)
179. Issues with GL integration Report (L11972)
180. Issues with the "Course Cost Listing" Report (L10429)
181. Issues with the "Employee Induction Report" (L10485)
182. Issues with the "Employee Pay Rate Utility Report" (L10452)
183. Issues with the "Interview Panel Member Listing" report (L10399)
184. Issues with the "Performance Plan" report (L10357)
185. Issues with the "Time Absent Report" (L10362)
186. Leave accrual for employees that do not have time entries (L11975)
187. Leave Alert "Review" hyperlink gives an error (L12344)
188. Leave application business rules changes for Cancelling Approved Leave (L09666)
189. Leave Approver that is not an employee should get the Leave approval alert (L12576)
190. Leave Balance Report generated for Company 1002, is outputting Company 1001 detail (L10259)
191. Leave Category is not correct for LWOP on the "Leave Code Listing" Report (L09632)
192. Leave code that is VOID causes incorrect value for GROSS PAY and Bonus Calculation (L12669)
193. Leave is not allocated from "Grade Leave Maintenance" when the minimum service is less than 1. (L11956)
194. Leave Split into appropriate pay periods (L11764)
195. Leave that is in the CURRENT PAY can be changed in transaction maintenance forms. These changes do not flow into current pay. (L12330)
196. Leave Transaction report showing Adjustments when filtered by Taken and Not Paid (L11772)
197. Leave Transaction Upload Template (L12626)
198. Leave values are pushed into Integration when Rollover happens (L12681)
199. Lengthy employee name is not fully printed in the "Pay Audit Report". (L10337)
200. Link Web - Leave Management - Leave Application User Testing (L10454)
201. Link Web - Time & Attendance - Payroll Timesheet UAT (L10472)
202. Link Web - Time & Attendance - Roster Schedule Improvements (L10470)
203. link web "Payroll Maintenance - Pay Contol UAT" (L10449)
204. LinkWEB "Payroll Maintenance - Bank UAT (L10445)
205. LinkWEB "Payroll Maintenance - Employee Payroll Tax" UAT (L10450)
206. LinkWEB "Payroll Maintenance - Pay Awards" User Testing (L10447)
207. LinkWEB "Payroll Maintenance - Pay Code" User Testing (L10440)
208. LinkWEB "Payroll Maintenance - Project Code" UAT (L10446)
209. LinkWEB "Payroll Maintenance - Service Type User Testing (L10448)
210. LinkWEB Employee Profile User Testing (L10435)
211. LinkWEB 'Leave Code' User Testing (L10455)
212. LMS Successfactor Domain should be NZ - in all entries (L12662)
213. LMS Successfactor Employee Report - Email - PBL blank (L12660)
214. Make system dropdown uneditable and verify that dropdowns are updated in report filters where applicable. (L10401)
215. Make the report name consistent for the "Employee Birthday Listing" report (L10208)
216. Make the report name consistent for "Year of Service" report (L10415)
217. Menu 573 - Screen Opening Takes upto 3 Miniutes to open (L09559)
218. Merge "Vacancy Listing" and "Vacancy Applicant Listing" report (L10400)
219. Merge details of "Pay Exception Report", "Employee Pay Register" and "Employee Pay Register- Compare Last Pay" (L10341)
220. Merge the details in the "Organisation Structure" and "Company Hierarchy" report (L10233)
221. Merge Web Recruitment Applicant profile with Backoffice Applicants (L10503)
222. Migrate Backoffice to Web - Part 2 Employee Administration (L10257)
223. Migration of "Health & Safety" menus from Backoffice to Web (L10376)
224. Migration of "Induction & Probation" menus from Backoffice to Web (L10375)
225. Migration of "Performance Appraisal" menus from Backoffice to Web (L10377)
226. Migration of "Recruitment" menus from Backoffice to Web. (L10367)
227. Migration of "Training & Development" menus from Backoffice to Web (L10378)
228. Modifications required in the "Leave Code Listing" report (L10211)
229. Modify contents in the "KPI Appraisal Report" for clarity (L10214)
230. Multiple Pay Teams Selection in Pay Accumulator Report (L12741)
231. Multiple Pay Teams Selection in Pay Component/Deduction/Banking Report (L12739)
232. Need a New Time and Attendance Rule as 'Maximum hours to be considered as the same work day' to split Time entries [Created from case 10372] (L10520)
233. Need the system to display and calculate Time correctly for employees who start work on one date and end work on the next date (L11833)
234. New employees details are not printed in the "Employee Entry Exit Report" (L11691)
235. Notification - leave balance over X amount to be flagged (L10306)
236. Option to Capture Contract Terms without affecting Start Date (L12351)
237. Pay Analysis: report name and menu description are different. (L10336)
238. Pay calendar validation required for Pay Period End and Pay Year-End (L12132)
239. Pay Day Reporting requirements for Payroll Tax Integration (L12157)
240. Pay edit report is not generating when plugins are active (L12359)
241. Pay is not created for "Timesheet Employee" if "Normal Hours" is not been paid. (L09739)
242. Pay Number is incorrectly displayed in "PAYE Reconciliation Report" (L10117)
243. Pay Processing - Add validation to prevent submitting pay for approval when "bank date" is blank (L12215)
244. Pay Processing Screen - Bank date to be allowed for active period or POST active period. (L12627)
245. Pay Summary Report - pay code is not fully displayed (L10278)
246. Paycode tax tab documentation update (L09540)
247. PAYE EMS and Formula changes July 2019 (L10511)
248. PAYE Reconciliation Report Payrun ID filter does not work (L10152)
249. PAYE Reconciliation Report shows a variance for "Fringe Benefit" (L09643)
250. Payroll GL Integration Report Changes (L12084)
251. Payroll Tax Calculations for "Additional Tax" does not work calculate based on standard configuration (L12337)
252. Payroll Tax Calculations for "Additional Tax" does not work. Tax scales are based on Country Specific Pay Codes (L12336)
253. Payroll Territory, Branch and "Cost Centre" Upload template (L12721)
254. Payslip email from company A states "No Data" when user changes to company B (L11706)
255. Performance Management Enhancement - CEO/HR2 Appraisal Assessment Form (L12711)
256. Performance Management Enhancement - CEO/HR2 Appraisal Assessment Form (L12549)
257. Performance management Enhancement to Scoring - Manager / Supervisor Default Scoring (L12548)
258. Performance Management System Enhancement - Appraisal Summary & Bonus Calculation Report (L12551)
259. Performance Management System Enhancement - Base Value/Target Formatting (L12580)
260. Performance Management System Enhancement - Bonus Calculation (L12599)
261. Performance Management System Enhancement - Bulk uploading of KPI and Appraisal Setup (L12552)
262. Performance Management System Improvements (L11998)
263. PNG dependant rebate rules to be made configurable (L12094)
264. Position Change Alert is being received by employee. Can this be made configurable? (L11909)
265. Previous records are appearing in the data field if an invalid code is used for search (L09674)
266. Probation Review Alerts - to add Company, Territory, Branch and Cost Center Information (L10299)
267. Projected Hours in Negative - Leave Liability Report (L10172)
268. Purge User data for Recruitment users as this clutters up the user forms and slows down the system for smaller systems (L12640)
269. Qualification dropdown is not filtered by the company in Recruitment Management (L10369)
270. Rate is picked as "1" where pay-codes which are set as to use Staff Rate (L09857)
271. Rate screen pops up while searching for employees (L10269)
272. Rebuild employee super details when the fund is edited (L12357)
273. Recruitment Applicant Data view in Business Intelligence ~> Data View (L12742)
274. Recruitment Vacancy View Performance Improvements (L12175)
275. Recruitment: Online Application - screen to validate data from the previous screen before moving to the next one. (L12743)
276. Reddy Group GL Enhancements (L11878)
277. Rejected applicants appear in the "Interview List" (L10373)
278. Relocate the menu for "Employee Start Date Anniversary Report". (L10348)
279. Remove "HTML" text from the validation message when users submit an application in RM. (L09896)
280. Remove the "Course Schedule" report (L10432)
281. Remove the "Tasks" tab from the "Meeting" menu. (L12035)
282. Rename the "Employee Task Report" for clarity. (L10179)
283. Rename the field "Reason" to "Exit Reason" for employee "Experience" . (L10393)
284. Report values merge when two reports are generated in two different tabs in Link Web (L10215)
285. Request for Change - Salaried Employee/Employees with Timesheet Marked as NO (L11910)
286. Request to make year NOT "Required" on "Employee Qualification and Education" forms (L11951)
287. Resetting or changing the password of a user at HQ does not allow the user to login at the Branch. (L09654)
288. Review "Leave Status" for approved leave under "Link Web - Leave Calendar" (L10462)
289. Review "Time Entry" create with "Project Limits" (L10475)
290. Review "Time Entry" duration in version 11 (L10412)
291. Review access for "My Application Status" report for RM users (L10220)
292. Review all configuration and standardize (L09561)
293. Review and merge "Position Criteria Code" and "Skill" maintenance (L10111)
294. Review configuration "Automatically create payroll timesheet entry on time approval (Y/N)" (L09564)
295. Review configuration "Automatically create time entry on leave approval (Y/N)" (L09566)
296. Review details in the "Employee Transfer Report" (L10347)
297. Review employee access for menus under Link WEB - Employee Profile (L10413)
298. Review Interview panel member to use user account instead of employee (L10451)
299. Review the "Process Leave" feature in link web. (L10466)
300. Review the "Service" terminologies for employment start and end. (L11692)
301. Review the ability to upload leave allocation for employees (L11997)
302. Review the configuration for "Process End of Month". (L10467)
303. Review the contents of "Employee Position History" and "Employee Promotion Report" (L10178)
304. Review the contents of the "Graph" in the "Employee Composition" report. (L10140)
305. Review the employee details for the "Leave Entry" form under "Leave Calendar" (L10463)
306. Review the functionality of "Create Leave Allocation" button under "Leave Management - Leave Allocation" (L10453)
307. Review the functionality of "Leave Adjustment" in version 11 (L10464)
308. Review the text length for "User Defined Fields" (L10133)
309. Role granted access to a specific pay team - access level fails in reporter (L09722)
310. Role granted access to a specific pay team - access level fails in reporter [Created from case 9722] (L09749)
311. Rollover Leave to 2018 in demo database (L09583)
312. Rollover month but active period did not change on Pay Control (L12193)
313. Rules for "Time Entry" to be made configurable for each entry time. (L12038)
314. Selecting & Adding Multiple Employees in the Pay Processing Screen (L12628)
315. Selecting the "Period" filter gives an error on "Superannuation Report (Fiji FNPF)" (L12370)
316. Standard Pay not showing PAYE record (L12239)
317. STP - Implementation of Year Finalization and Update Event Handling (L11700)
318. STP processing changes (L09584)
319. Sub Account not showing in File Export for Acumatica (L12659)
320. Submitting a days TNA Record Times Out (L12745)
321. Super Guarantee entered as a flat rate in the standard pay (L11762)
322. System should not allow Time and Leave to be applied on the same day (L09593)
323. System Verification Report - displays "Error Executing Rule"?. Ref Case 9711 for version 10.1 Equivalent (L09727)
324. Tax Employee Certificate (Fiji PAYE) does not include FNPF Employee Excess Amount (L12705)
325. Tax Employee Certificate (Fiji PAYE) Issue – Start and End Date of the Employee is in the same year. (L12155)
326. Tax Submission Data View Improvements (L12195)
327. Test FRCS PAYE Scenarios (L10105)
328. Test migration of "Organisation Maintenance" to the web. (L10459)
329. Test migration of HR configuration into Link Web (L10406)
330. The "Call No From" and "Call No To" is not functional on the "Call Listing Report (Summary)" report (L09701)
331. The "Employee Deduction Statement" is not clear. (L10150)
332. The "missing time alert" is incorrect when we set the "LeaveEntry.AllowOverlapWithTime" to "No". (L09806)
333. The Edit/Add buttons stop working when the page size is changed and we navigate to Page 2 and try to edit a detail row (L12167)
334. The scrollbar is not added to the "Username" search popup for the "Sys User Role Menu Access" report in Link Web (L09677)
335. Time Absent Report - Insert a filter as "Employee Status" (L10398)
336. Time entry by Day - When we set the system to Group by "ActivityTypeDescription", the paging doesn't come up on the first load (L12165)
337. Time entry integration to FMIS fails when the Activity does not have an integration Product Code (L12323)
338. Time Entry Log report takes to long (L12139)
339. Time, Leave Type and Status fields are blank on the Leave Entry screen. (L09582)
340. Timesheet import executing processes ESS021, ESS022 & ESS023 (L11781)
341. TLTB Performance Management System Changes (Part 2) [Created from case T12683] (L12053)
342. TNA Hours calculations is not clear on the Timesheets view (L12713)
343. TNA Rule R013 incorrect start/end time (L12032)
344. Unable to "Create" or "Edit" a leave transaction in web. (L10465)
345. Unable to access a menu after the access for its submenu has been disabled (L09729)
346. Unable to access the "Performance Appraisal" details for a specific employee (L11780)
347. Unable to add a "Skill" for an applicant (L10370)
348. Unable to add an "Advertisement" for a vacancy in Link Web. (L10368)
349. Unable to add an "Employee Rate Change" record (L11782)
350. Unable to create a "DEMO" or "NEW" database in version (L09679)
351. Unable to create a new employee profile - Version 10.0.0 Beta 3 (L09576)
352. Unable to create an "Employeee" in version 11 (L10488)
353. Unable to delete "Award Grades" under "Payroll Maintenance - Pay Awards" (L10471)
354. Unable to generate "Performance Appraisal Form" report in version 11.0503 (L10356)
355. Unable to generate Pay Summary Report (L11738)
356. Unable to generate the "Applicant Profile Report" (L12639)
357. Unable to generate the "Employee Deduction Listing Report" (L10297)
358. Unable to generate the "OHS Committee Listing" report in version 11.522 (L10418)
359. Unable to generate the "Roster Schedule Report" in PAFCO database (L09691)
360. Unable to generate the "Sales by Month" report (L09889)
361. Unable to generate the "Time Entry Log Report" - 9.5 Beta 2 (L09543)
362. Unable to reprint a "Returns" when VSDC is enabled (L09626)
363. Unable to save "Qualification" details with a long description (L12586)
364. Unable to search employees on the "Training Plan" menu. The Cursor is redirected. (L09633)
365. Unable to update pay in version 11.603 (L10442)
366. Unable to view record saved on menu 422 [Created from case 9745] (L09757)
367. Unable to view the log for "Journal Entries" in menu "FMIS Integration" (L12577)
368. Un-Subscription option for Leave approvers and Improvements to YTD Listing Report (L12260)
369. Update the "Employee Payroll Tax Table" with the 2018 tax bracket for Fiji. (L09546)
370. Update the "Key Performance Indicator Listing" report to show details from link web (L10382)
371. Update the reference under "GL Journal View -- Journal Lines" to include the description of grouped paycodes. (L09750)
372. Upload of "KPI Type" fails when using long Values in KPI TYPE (L12673)
373. User cannot Approve TNA Timesheet for ''Normal Hours''. We get a Conversion Error in the Event Logs. (L12578)
374. User does not have access to "Employee Hours Analysis" but still can view it if the user is in "ESS-TNA APPROVALS" role. (L11753)
375. Users are able to "Void" applicants to a vacancy. (L10402)
376. Users created from process "ESS002" are unable to recover the password. (L09595)
377. Validate the dropdowns for pay menus under "Employee Profile" (L10473)
378. Validate the DSUEM entry on the "Employee Normal Pay" report (L09640)
379. Variance in the "Tax Reconciliation Report" for the YTD pay. (L12547)
380. Variance is zero by default in the "Pay Summary Report". (L10346)
381. Web Reports show "Time" with the "Date" in the report header which merges the field details. (L10182)
382. Weekly Timesheet Report in Back Office Unable to Accommodate more than 7 digit in the Report Total (L10331)
383. When adding a new record in the menu "Time Management -> TNA Timesheet", the "Employee Name" is blank. (L12113)
384. Workflow Approval for Purchasing and Request - Chain Approval and Multi-Part Approvers (L12624)
385. Years of Service for terminated employees is being calculated on the system calendar rather that the employee’s termination date (L09571)

Point of Sale

1. "Approver Notes" and the "Scrollbar" is not clearly visible on the Purchase Order Approve screen (L09652)
2. "Approver Notes" is not updated on menu 573 - "Purchase Order Entry" (L10246)
3. "Attention Name" and "Attention Contact" is not updated when creating a PO. (L11994)
4. "Barcode Transfers -40x25" prints an invalid number of labels when the "Quantity" filter is not selected. (L10120)
5. "Customer Statement" takes long to generate in databases with large number of customers and transactional data (L12272)
6. "Direct Debit Details" is not fully printed in "Receipt A4". (L12056)
7. "Gross Margin by Supplier" and "Gross Profit Analysis" have similar details. Review and merge reports (L10185)
8. "Group By" filter is not functional for the "Asset Register Book" report. (L10244)
9. "Inventory Gross Profit Listing" report is redundant. (L10187)
10. "Inventory Location Listing" report requires modification to show clear details (L10189)
11. "Inventory Movement Sales Summary" is a redundant report as all details are part of "Inventory Movement Summary" report. (L10195)
12. "Inventory Movement" report should only show returns that have "Return to Stock" ticked. (L10194)
13. "Inventory view cost" security .Users cannot view the cost, however, they can update the cost. (L12163)
14. "Lot Bin Serial" dropdown is blank when shipping an item through transfer (L12077)
15. "Payments" on the customer screen loads the "Invoice" details twice. (L11674)
16. "Posting Account" and "Cycle Code created in LinkWeb are not seen until the page is refreshed. (L11748)
17. "Purchase Order Post to FMIS" creates duplicate GL Journals when the "AP Invoice" integration is turned off. (L11943)
18. "Quantity Delivered" and "This Delivery" is incorrectly updated for a partial delivery in Linkweb (L12582)
19. "Stock Take Variance" report does not print data. (L11743)
20. "Unit Price" of a prescription is not updated with the "Mixture Price". (L11899)
21. "User Login Barcode" report does not display data. (L09544)
22. 4 copies of the delivery docket printed when the "Delivery Docket - 2 copies" option is selected (L12187)
23. A4 Product Labels Improvement (L11787)
24. Ability to edit "Inventory Valuation" COST in Batch Mode (L12371)
25. Ability to troubleshoot replication data issues and failures (L12230)
26. Account payment receipt shows zero payment amount (L11684)
27. Add "Allow Fractions" in Product Master and check this when doing transactions in inventory and POS (L12173)
28. Add "Category" adescription in the "Inventory Category Listing" report (L11747)
29. Add "Engine" details to the Product Master (L10536)
30. Add "Total" count for Lot Bin in Inventory Adjustment, Ship Screen and Purchase Receive Screen (L10461)
31. Add "Vehicle" details for items in the Product Master. (L10537)
32. Add a field for "Brand" in the Product Master. (L10535)
33. Add ability to EMAIL receipts from Point of Sales (L09847)
34. Add ability to store and print the warranty of items on POS receipts. (L12015)
35. Add Access Level Control for CustomerRequest.RequestType Dropdown List (L12557)
36. Add an Alert that shows the outstanding Accounts list (L12090)
37. Add functionality to enable POS to work with VSDC without using a secure card reader (No SDC Hardware Required) (L11999)
38. Add functionality to Import Inventory Adjustments from File (excel csv) (L12133)
39. Add item description to the "Supplier Quote Audit Report". (L10366)
40. Add Licence expiry warning for Point of Sales Login (L11723)
41. Add maintenance for Salesperson instead of using a "Class" of users (L10301)
42. Add Multiple Product Category for Process POS030: Credit Note Automation (L12726)
43. Add POS Credit Notes feature to LinkWEB (L12554)
44. Add Return policy days configuration to enforce a limit on returning invoices (L11988)
45. Add Revenue Account in the LinkWEB Invoice Entry system so we can sell Miscellaneous Items (L11950)
46. Add space between the "Line Total" and "Date Time" columns in the "Park Transaction Audit Report". (L10333)
47. Add the ability to create "Transfers" from replenishment (L10540)
48. Add the ability to PRINT discount coupons in the POS Receipt and use them at a later date (L12067)
49. Add the ability to reject an item in the Purchase Order (L11995)
50. Add UOM in the Sell Price Listing Report (L12697)
51. Add wrapping for the "Description" column in the "Inventory Summary Report". (L10202)
52. Add wrapping to the kit details in the "Inventory Kit Listing" report. (L10531)
53. Allow Multiple Category Code or Add a New Category for Fuel Consumption Per Kilometer. (L12558)
54. Allow the ability to load "Images" of products in the POS Grid. (L11659)
55. Allow users to change "Location" when a "Purchase Order" when status is "New" (L12136)
56. Application Times Out when trying to allocate payment from Customer Profile (L12290)
57. Application Title should be based on Configuration (L12553)
58. Auto adjust the "Payment Method" grid when adding or removing a new payment type. (L12137)
59. Automate the "Loyalty Points" redeem process. (L11769)
60. Automatically open customer display when the "Customer Display Monitor Number" is configured (L11776)
61. Average cost not populating upon doing purchase receiving (L12693)
62. Backoffice Inventory/Purchasing migration to WEB (L11930)
63. Barcode is not printed in the "Label - User Login" report when viewed in PDF (L11819)
64. Batch Entry & Editing and Upload Template for Supplier Quote (L12645)
65. Business rules when managing invoices and payments using LinkWEB and LinkPOS (L12158)
66. Cannot backdate "As at Date" or "Date To" on some reports like "Customer Balance Listing" Report (L12617)
67. Change all 80mm report horizontal lines to silver (L09627)
68. Change of Park Slip Print Layout (L11827)
69. Change Request - Cash Sales for Loyalty Customer to Go into POSCASH Customer Account for On the Go Limited (L12184)
70. Change Request - Customer Balance Listing report format (L10513)
71. Change transaction type to credit when loading a prescription that is paid by an insurer (L11808)
72. Changes to barcode scan to load an item (L09630)
73. Changing "Product Code" times out when there are lots of Additional Fields configured (L12245)
74. Close shift message needs to be changed for clarity (L12218)
75. Combine multiple payment method variance journals for a shift (L12268)
76. Compare Data takes a long time in high volume environments causing high CPU usage (L12307)
77. Configuration for Purchase Receive Date - at role level (L10458)
78. Correct the list of items in the Inventory items "Bin No" lookup list (L12106)
79. Correct the report name for the "Inventory UOM Listing" report. (L10207)
80. Credit note automation for invoices based on Price Level and RRP (L12322)
81. Credit Sale – Payment Screen Pop Up upon completing (L12644)
82. Customer Balance Listing to show sub total by customer type (L11651)
83. Customer Code is displayed under the Description column on the Sales Analysis report (L12682)
84. Customer email addresses are not updated when emailing "Customer Statements". (L12116)
85. Customer Loyalty Transaction report showing incorrect points value when points are redeemed (L12189)
86. Customer Maintenance edit form - "Enter Key" clears data entered (L12126)
87. Customer Payment Screen has invoices duplicated. (L11733)
88. Customer Request changes to processing workflow (L12190)
89. Customer Search in LinkPOS is slow in the Laucala Bay Pharmacy database (L11817)
90. Customer selection list should be not be prompted for processed "Layby" (L12144)
91. Customer Statements are printed as blank - version 10. Beta 3 (L09580)
92. Data not displayed on Shift Close Report (L12363)
93. Debtor Specific price does not allow 4 decimals when Location Price is used (L10203)
94. Delete button on Integration menus (L12723)
95. Delivery Management fuctionality in LinkSOFT - Make this available in LinkSOFT WEB (L12567)
96. Description is not full displayed for Kit components in the product master. (L10532)
97. Design a report to show sales of "Pseudoephedrine" medications. (L11885)
98. Design a view to export "VAT on Purchases/Expenses" for FRCS reporting (L12283)
99. Details are incorrect in the "Inventory Price Class Listing" (L10196)
100. Discount Vouchers in LinkPOS should be applicable transaction type "Cash Sales". (L12185)
101. Discrepancies in the "Outstanding Transactions" report (L10229)
102. Discrepancies in the "Supplier Audit Report" (L10365)
103. Discrepancies with the "Customer Audit Report" (L10352)
104. Discrepancies with the "Payment Detail Report" (L10354)
105. Discrepancies with the "Prescription Listing" report (L10359)
106. Discrepancies with the "Tax Code Audit Report" (L10364)
107. Discrepancy with "Reference" description in the "Customer Statement" report. (L09735)
108. Do not allow UOM to be changed for an item after it is used (L12219)
109. Do not Show Available Balance on Sales Delivery Docket (L12646)
110. Duplicate entries showing in "Search Delivery" (L12188)
111. Email Address not correctly printed in POS Receipts (L10199)
112. EMS File Corrections in Version 11. (L11898)
113. Enable automatic "Product Code" based on "Category" and "Sub Category". (L11657)
114. Encrypt password on POS Change password screen (L11789)
115. Enhancement to Tax Detail Report to provide sales breakdown by tax codes (L12708)
116. Enhancement to Tax Detail Report to provide sales breakdown by tax codes (L12714)
117. Error Message in POS When User Logs Off when Customer Display is Enabled using COMM Port (L12597)
118. Error on "AR Sales Order View" in Linkweb - String or binary data would be truncated (L11744)
119. Error Printing report "Label - Inventory Barcode - Roll (48 x 28 mm)" (L12618)
120. Filter selection is incorrect for the "On Account Payment/Adjustment 80mm" and "On Account Payment/Adjustment A4" reports. (L10224)
121. Filter selection is incorrect for the "Order Audit Report" report (L10226)
122. Filter selection is incorrect for the "Order Payment Audit Report" report (L10227)
123. First receipts printed after threshold is configured should be printed as the original copy (L11750)
124. Fleet Card and Loyalty Program - Add Mileage Tracking, Card Restrictions and Driver PIN - Multiple changes (L12060)
125. Fleet card scan validations and improvements to PIN response messages (L12289)
126. Fleet Card Search via the Customer Screen screen - shows Group limit rather than Fleet Card Limit (L12293)
127. Fleet Management - Add ability to set up additional security for each Driver (L11966)
128. Forecourt Enabler version Update (L12301)
129. Forecourt Prepay Transaction Unit Price and Quantity mismatch when LinkSOFT Product price is different from Forecourt price (L09678)
130. HSUPEX is added to the "Standard and Normal" pay when the "Employer Contribution (Excess)%" is blank (L12131)
131. Implement standard approval workflow to Purchase Request and Purchase Order (L12361)
132. Improve the handling of VMS Failures (L11840)
133. Improvement to Purchase Order Form (L12625)
134. Improvements required in the "Purchase Order Reprint" report (L10360)
135. Improvements required in the "Returns Report" (L10361)
136. Include the "Customer Detail" in the customer selection list when emailing the customer statement. (L09609)
137. Inconsistent prompt of complete credit sale message (L11807)
138. Incorrect "POS Time" on "Fiscal Invoices" - Changes in POS "time display" implemented by FRCS (L09893)
139. Incorrect "POS Time" on VMS Invoice (L12675)
140. Incorrect Average Cost when FOC items are received (L12154)
141. Incorrect Data displayed on 'Sales Discount / Price Change Report' (L11934)
142. Incorrect error message on the Barcode form in 519 (L09639)
143. Incorrect Lot serial "Bin To" dropdown list when receiving an "Inventory Transfer" (L12078)
144. Incorrect Stock Update through Inventory Transfers (L12068)
145. Incorrect till amount for shifts in the "Shift Close report (80mm) Consolidated". (L11842)
146. Inventory "Cost Method" does not correctly reflect in the "Movement Report" when the "Item Cost" is changed (L12206)
147. Inventory Adjustment form should allow users to automatically generate Serial Numbers. (L12079)
148. Inventory Information needs to be available in Prescription Entry, Inventory Search and Main POS Form (L11720)
149. Inventory listing report - extend the "Bin No" search to filter lot serial items (L12076)
150. Inventory Listing Report displays 80mm wide in some workstations (L12642)
151. Inventory Movement InStock is not equal to the Inventory Valuation InStock of the same period for clients having Standalone (failsafe) (L11702)
152. Inventory Sell Price Listing Report (L11730)
153. Inventory Valuation Report shows incorrect data when a Transfer is processed (L11755)
154. Investigate Purchase Order creation for Foreign Supplier with Foreign Currencies (L11996)
155. Investigate report "Shift Report (80mm Width) and standardize data (L09606)
156. Investigate the formulas for content on the "Shift Summary Report" and update the notes (L09629)
157. Investigate the purpose of "Show Details" filter on the "Employee Training History Report" (L09635)
158. Issues with "Payment Allocation Report" (L10353)
159. Issues with "Tooltips" in POS Configuration (L09730)
160. Issues with the "Float 80mm" report. (L10184)
161. Item description is not loaded in POS (L11823)
162. Items with Price Class Attached shows Negative Margin in Sales Analysis Report (L12729)
163. JIWA inventory price in POS (L11760)
164. JIWA inventory status integrated to POS (L11759)
165. JIWA UPC code is not integrated to LinkSOFT (L11740)
166. Kit Items cost calculations can result in incorrect values (L12159)
167. Licence Change for LinkSOFT POS and Backoffice (L11715)
168. Licence Change for LinkSOFT POS and Backoffice (L11785)
169. Licence validation for "EFT", "FCI" and "REPL" fails when licence status is "Production" (L11703)
170. LinkPOS Change Password Feature/Force password change feature (L10249)
171. LinkPOS Change Password Feature/Force password change feature (L10519)
172. LinkPOS JIWA Integration - POS Location, Logical and Physical location issues (L09675)
173. Linksoft Inventory and JIWA Integration UAT (L11928)
174. Location Price not Updated via Price Update Utility (L10104)
175. Log Message: Message: Product [8696630132307] price is not setup - Should be INFORMATION not ERROR (L12630)
176. Log Message: Product [8696630132307] price is not setup. - Should be INFORMATION not ERROR (L12631)
177. Make "Cost" field required under "Supplier Quotes". (L12120)
178. Make report name consistent for "Inventory Price Level Setup" (L10197)
179. Merge "Inventory Cost Listing" and "Inventory Cost Report" reports (L10530)
180. Merge "Inventory Price Level Setup " report with "Inventory Price Setup Listing". (L10198)
181. Merge ESS and POS customer maintenance (L11708)
182. Migrate Backoffice Powerbuilder Functionality to WEB (L11716)
183. Migrate Backoffice to Web - Part 1. Menus 401, 600, 700 and 900 (L09875)
184. Modify details in the "Inventory Transfer Listing" for clarity (L10204)
185. Modify the "Inventory Master Listing" report for clarity (L10191)
186. Move configurations for customer statement report to Report Maintenance (L09578)
187. New Feature - Separate Access for Inventory Adjustment In and Adjustment Out (L11978)
188. New Feature - Stocktake (Count) Upload/Import template (L12020)
189. New Fleet Card Report customisation for OTGL (L11879)
190. No data is printed in the "Customer Statement" when generated with format "Standard" (L12591)
191. No data is printed in the "Customer Statement" when generated with format "Standard" [Created from case L12591] (L12600)
192. Option to Reprint Sales Delivery docket from Web (L12670)
193. Option to Reprint Sales Delivery docket from Web (L12556)
194. OTGL Fleet Enhancement Mobil Sales Delivery Docket and Customer Statement Report - Multiple Changes (L12183)
195. Parent Child Customer relationship and Delivery Docket Plugin (L12196)
196. Pay N.o Entries Incorrect (L12024)
197. Payment Adjustments (Refund/Credits) functionality - Make this available in LinkSOFT WEB (L12563)
198. Payment report is printed blank for "Multi Account Payment" (L10247)
199. Payment Type description is not displayed on Shift Close (Consolidated) report (L12114)
200. Performance improvement for Reports and Processes for large volumes (L12321)
201. Pilot upgrade for Gold Creek Cafe and improvements to inventory management and processing views (L11788)
202. PO amount is not displayed in Full when exceeding 6 digits after the decimal place (L10396)
203. PO Line Item Disapproved but Appears on PO Report (L09878)
204. POS "Reprint options" should have the option to reprint "Receipt", "Park" and "Processing slip" (L12199)
205. POS Discount Coupons, Receipt Printing Performance and Dropdown Maintenance issue (L12205)
206. POS Integration File Export Takes a long time and sometimes times out (L12340)
207. POS Login Failure Notification Improvements (L12073)
208. POS Login Screen does not retain the saved Station layout (L12176)
209. POS Processing screen to change screen color (Grid Back Color) on different transactions (L12138)
210. POS Receipt printout shows "Invalid TaxID" when company TIN is not entered (L11799)
211. POS Transactions can be saved in a CLOSED shift if two instances of POS is used on the same machine by the same user (L12623)
212. POSCASH customer created with incorrect ID in the new month (L12009)
213. PrePayment for Fleet Customers does not show the correct "account balance" when completing a POS transaction (L12327)
214. PrePayment for Fleet does not work in version 12 (L12328)
215. Prescription instructions migrated to version 11 is not loaded on the prescription screen. (L11820)
216. Prescription Items sales Receipts should display the Customer information on the receipt (L11644)
217. Prescription Label Quantity should not be 4 DP (L11685)
218. Print PO Location on the PO Receive Screen (L10394)
219. Print UPC code on the "Purchase Order" report (L12198)
220. Process Fleet Card POS Transactions using LinkWEB (L12641)
221. Processing View in POS is too cluttered and difficult to read (L12128)
222. Product Description Does not appear in Supplier Quote Audit Report (L11798)
223. Product details on 519 is not replicated in version (L09849)
224. Purchase Order Received at zero quantity updates the Cost to zero when Costing method is Last Cost (L12305)
225. Purchased Received at HQ is not Replicated to the Configured Branch Servers (L12292)
226. Quantity mismatch on 519 and Inventory Movement Report at the sale of "kit" and "Non Quantity Bearing" item. (L09614)
227. Query on Inventory Movement Report (L12569)
228. Quotation converted into Cash/Credit Sales to generate an Invoice number using the 'Next Receipt Number for POS' Sequence (L11989)
229. Receipt A4 Report to show location details. (L09554)
230. Receipt Notes is not printed on the "Account Payment" A4 report (L09587)
231. Receiving inventory items with ZERO quantity updates the item cost to Zero (L12661)
232. Relook at transaction numbers when transactions rollback. (L09703)
233. Remove "Delivery Status Report" and modify "Delivery Listing Report" to show relevant details. (L10131)
234. Remove "Station Layout" from LinkSOFT Menu 222 (L09687)
235. Remove "Station Layout" from LinkSOFT Menu 222 [Created from case 9687] (L09747)
236. Remove "Time" from licence expiry popup. (L11774)
237. Remove transaction type "Repair" from POS as it is not used. (L10240)
238. Replication Rule - Send Transactions to Configured Locations - Handle NO CONFIGURED LOCATIONS (L12581)
239. Replication Rule - Send Transactions to Configured Locations - Handle NO CONFIGURED LOCATIONS (L12585)
240. Report Change Request - Implement a new report for a customer - Sales by Salesperson (L11707)
241. Report Change Request - Implement a new report for a customer - Sales by Salesperson [Created from case 11707] (L11770)
242. Restaurant/Cafe Setup Kitchen Items view needs to be improved to display Kitchen and Cafe processing forms (L11802)
243. Review "Bank Maintenance" for POS. (L10443)
244. Review "Inventory List Audit Trail Report" (L10188)
245. Review and Remove "barcode end marker" configuration (L09621)
246. Review report filters for "Driver Delivery Analysis" report (L10132)
247. Review the "Page Size"options on the "Product Master" in LinkWeb. (L11746)
248. Review the "Price" filters on the "Inventory Sell Price Listing" report. (L10200)
249. Review the access for "519-1-Product Cost" (L10534)
250. Review the functionality of void on the "Transfer Request" menu (L09743)
251. Review the implication of "Freight" and "Retail Value" in transfers (L10533)
252. Review the product search precedence in Link POS. (L11818)
253. Review the Replication process and reduce the number of data transmitted for high volume sales (L11903)
254. Sales Analysis Report - does not load (L12231)
255. Sales Analysis Report does not reconcile with Sales Summary Report, Shift Close Report (80mm) - Consolidate and Payment Detail Report (L12695)
256. Sales order integration to JIWA is processing very slow at OTGL (L11895)
257. Sales Transaction Export [SalesSAP] to be filtered by customer "Category" (L12180)
258. Scale Setup in LinkPOS is not functional (L11812)
259. SDC Processing Failed - 400 Bad Request caused by Decimal values in Quantity and Unit Price (L09695)
260. SDC Processing Takes very Long using ESDC option when there is no internet (L11645)
261. SDC Signing fails with a message showing the DateTime submitted is in the incorrect format (L11973)
262. Searching for a customer in "LinkPOS" inserts an error in the "Event Log" (L12202)
263. Security on COST METHOD and Partial Close Shift. Add Time control to Fleet Management. Auto PO Close and change to Sales docket for On the Go Limited (Multiple Changes) (L12182)
264. Separate replication menus to tie with replication licence (L12216)
265. Shift Close fuctionality in LinkSOFT - Make this available in LinkSOFT WEB (L12564)
266. Shift Summary Report shows negative payments after a payment is void. (L09607)
267. Shift variance journal posted multiple times for same shift ID in JIWA (L12254)
268. Ship Date to be open in Inventory Transfer Module (L10477)
269. Show the "Kit Components" in the "POS Grid" when loading a "Kit Item (L11660)
270. Simplify the creation of inventory items (L11804)
271. SKUCode Overrides Product Description at POS Fast Keys (L12325)
272. SKUCode Overrides Product Description at POS Fast Keys (L12329)
273. Soft SDC signing fails in POS sale (L11940)
274. SOFTSDC Device PIN is not automatically entered on the first signing of an invoice (L11800)
275. SoftSDC signing fails when the unit price has 4 decimal places (L12005)
276. Standalone replication server connection does not complete (L10169)
277. Station layout validation on POS form (L09683)
278. Supplier on Product Master screen to update from Purchase Order (L11990)
279. Surcharge figure should be treated as VIP (L11921)
280. System does not allow sale of scale items where quantity is less than 1. (L11887)
281. System is unable to apply around off figure as discount using "Utility --> Discount" (L10478)
282. System prompts "Invalid Allow Negative Flag" when a default "Location" is set. (L11805)
283. System takes alot of time to process account payment (L10476)
284. System to Automatically generate the next Supplier Code (L12724)
285. System to validate missing item description when products are loaded in POS for VMS processing (L11749)
286. Temporary Fleet Limit Extension (L12181)
287. The "Enter Parameter Values" screen opens up when generating the "Inventory Cost Report" (L09538)
288. The customer search filter in the Reports takes over 2 minutes to load. (L12225)
289. The first item on the "Product Search" list is automatically loaded when the "Search an item" authentication is completed using a user barcode login card. (L09610)
290. The Payment Details breakdown is incorrect on the "Cashier Reconciliation" report at partial close. (L09608)
291. The period date is incorrectly displayed in the "Customer Loyalty Transaction Report" (L10122)
292. The schedule is not created for process POS008 by default. (L11680)
293. The scroll bars are difficult to use when "Touch Screen" is enabled as the scroll bar size is small (L09707)
294. Total Cost calculated on "Inventory Valuation Report" for Item with Zero SOH (L12342)
295. Touch Screen number pad pops up even if the user does not have access to Change Price (L12028)
296. Touch Screen number pad pops up even if the user does not have access to Change Price [Created from case L12028] (L12029)
297. Transactions is in the "Integration Que" with status "Order Detail lines are incomplete. Possible reason: waiting for replication" (L12334)
298. Unable to access "User Option" in LinkWeb (L11756)
299. Unable to add a new "Bin" in version 12.21 (L12075)
300. Unable to edit "Product Matrix" for a failed "Stock Adjustment". (L12236)
301. Unable to edit details on the "Product Master"in version 11.816 (L11673)
302. Unable to edit the "Lot Bin" details in "Inventory Adjustment". (L12072)
303. Unable to generate "Inventory Expiry Listing"report (L11722)
304. Unable to generate Customer Balance Listing - Error: Processing ... please wait. (865) (L12227)
305. Unable to generate Customer Fleet Transaction Listing - Error: Thread was being aborted. (L12223)
306. Unable to generate the "Inventory Movement Report". Error relating to data truncation (L12694)
307. Unable to generate the "Stock Take Count Sheet" report for customer "The Daily Stop & Shop" (L12294)
308. Unable to log in to POS using user barcode security (L12122)
309. Unable to login as "Peter" into POS in Demo database (L09612)
310. Unable to process payments from "Payment for Credit Sale" (L11810)
311. Unable to search for customers on the customer look for "Multi-account Payment". (L09736)
312. Unable to search for items starting with a code (L11739)
313. Unable to update "Customer Details" in LinkPOS (L12118)
314. Unable to update the "Product Code" when creating a product via file copy record- Version Beta 3. (L09577)
315. Unable to Upgrade Bargain Box Database - BBOX-LINKSOFT-DEEMALL (L12686)
316. Unable to Upgrade OTGL Branch Database (L10508)
317. Unable to view the full description of items on "Product Search" menus in Backoffice (L09824)
318. Unable to Web Search for Products that have "&" symbol in the description (L11793)
319. Unit Price is not populated when second mediation is created and Unit Price checkbox is ticked (L09638)
320. Update the notes on the Inventory Dead Stock Report to explain how it functions (L09628)
321. User Barcode Login does not work in version 10 (L09613)
322. User Login Card scan has an additional "Enter" input that causes incorrect functionality in POS. (L09617)
323. User Roles Replication Issue for migrated data (L12658)
324. Users are unable to log into POS if the "Licence Expiry Date" has elapsed for "Modules" not been used. (L11669)
325. Users password resets when logging into LinkPOS (L11911)
326. Validate the character length for "Next Numbers" in "New Database". (L09740)
327. Validate the customer list under "Link Web -> Point of Sale -> Loyalty Adjustment" (L10421)
328. Valuation is taking a long time in large databases with large number of transactions (L12303)
329. VMS Certification for FMS Portal and LinkSOFT V11 (L10506)
330. VMS licence is checked when changing SDC configuration in POS Configuration screen (L12583)
331. VMS version 11 accreditation test case . (L10518)
332. Void "Product Matrix" are loaded in the "Product Matrix Details" (L11803)
333. Void locations can be used in inventory transactions - This should not be allowed. (L12074)
334. WBC POS/EFTPOS Integration to VX690 terminal (L11712)
335. We are signing an invoice at the reprint of "Account Payment and Allocation". SDC fails at a reprint. (L09611)
336. When a request is loaded on the ship screen, the items codes are not in order (L11726)
337. When a transaction is "load and copy", the "inventory price", "tax code" and "cost" should recalculate to use the "current product values" (L12091)
338. When the line item location is changed, the system should recalculate price for the location selected instead of using saved values. (L12089)
339. Wrap product description in the "Inventory Adjustment" report (L10186)