Company: Link Technologies
Case No: L12992. Project: 15.20: LinkSOFT Version 15.20
Logged By: Sanjay (Link Technologies) on 10 Jan 2024 10:06AM
Priority: Low
Product: Framework
Group: Software Defect
Time Taken: 9.00 (Weight: 11.00)
Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies)
Circulation: Sanjay
Resolve By: Wednesday, 10 January 2024 10:06 AM [99 days since logged date]
Status: Closed
Subject: Licence Registration Menu does not show correct "Licence Status"
Summary:    Licence Status shows zero usage even when users have Menus allocated to the roles
Audit Notes:Edited by sanjay on 24/01/24 16:22. 
10 Jan 202412:08PM Comment 1 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies) Followup Date: 12-01-2024 02:00 PM Time Taken: 8.00
PART A - Development work for this case has been completed.

1. The change will be available in version: 15.20

2. The following changes were made (Include Database object names, Program classes, and any other relevant information):

  1. Corrected Licence Usage according to the following rules:
    1. POS - Active User Count
    2. HRM - Active Employees
    3. TNA - TNA Employee Mapping. Only 1 licence is required for this module. 
    4. API - Integrations that have been Enabled. Only 1 licence is required for this module. 
    5. REC and HEL - Number of users with access to Helpdesk forms. Only 1 licence is required for these two modules.
  2. Corrected LicenceGroup Display order on "LinkWEB.GlobalAdministration.Licence Registration" and "LicencePortal.Module Licence" forms

3. Affected Areas:

  1. Licence Display

4. The issue was caused by:

  1. Enhancement and Improement to Licence display

5. Other Relevant Notes
6. Next Step
(Review and System Test (Developer) -> UAT (Quality) -> Documentation): UAT

24 Jan 202402:46PM Comment 2 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies) Followup Date: 26-01-2024 04:45 PM Time Taken: 1.00
Corrected user count on "Licence Registration" menu to correctly reflect usage.

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