Company: Link Technologies
Case No: L11998. Project: 12.10: LinkSOFT version 12.1
Logged By: Alvis (Link Technologies) on 15 Jun 2020 04:40PM
Priority: High
Product: Payroll & HR
Group: Change Request
Time Taken: 173.00 (Weight: 173.00)
Version: 12.10.1020
Assigned To: Rashna (Edge Business Solutions)
Circulation: Aarti Pooja Gayaneshwar, Alvis, Rashna, Sanjay, Sanjeet, Vineet
Resolve By: Thursday, 11 June 2020 04:47 PM [1403 days since logged date]
Status: Closed
Subject: Performance Management System Improvements

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to outline the changes required in the existing PMS Module of Linksoft. 

This document has been prepared to explain what all data definitions (rules) are required for all changes in the PMS Module


The scope of this document is to identify and develop changes to Link PMS to meet the requirements of Customers PMS. All image references for this case can be referred to using this link.

Table 1 - Project Status Management

 Project StatusApproved - In Progress04/06/2020
1Performance Appraisal>>Appraisal on the Add/Edit KPI formCompleted05/06/2020 
2Performance Appraisal Menu GroupCompleted 05/06/2020  
3Performance Appraisal>> AppraisalCompleted 05/06/2020  
4Employee Profile>> Performance Appraisal Menu - Main (Handled in menu Performance Appraisal>> Appraisal ) Completed 
5Employee Profile>> Performance Appraisal Menu - Detail (Handled in menu Performance Appraisal>> Appraisal) Completed05/06/2020  
6Performance Appraisal>>AppraisalCompleted  08/06/2020
7Employee Profile >> Performance Appraisal gridCompleted   08/06/2020
8Performance Appraisal>>Appraisal TemplateCompleted 09/06/2020
9Performance Appraisal >> Appraisal (Creation)Completed09/06/2020 
10Performance Appraisal >> Appraisal >> DetailsCompleted 09/06/2020 
11Performance Appraisal Escalation Matrix and SubmissionCompleted   10/06/2020 
12Overall Score Calculation Employee Profile>>Performance AppraisalCompleted   10/06/2020  
13Performance Appraisal AlertsCompleted  11/06/2020   
14Electronic signatures for employeesCompleted  10/06/2020  
15Monetary bonus for each employeeCompleted  10/06/2020  
16Employee Appraisal Bonus Calculation ReportCompleted 
17Employee Appraisal Bonus Calculation with Superannuation and PAYECompleted 
18Employee Performance Appraisal Report. Refer to 18 of the google docCompleted 
19Performance Appraisal Report. Refer to 19 of the google docCompleted 
20Documentation [Scheduled (15,16 Jun) ]In Progress15/06/2020 
21System Test and UAT - Round 1 [(Scheduled (12, 15,16 Jun) ]Completed 15/06/2020
22Rework [Scheduled (17 Jun) ]Scheduled (17 Jun)
23UAT - Round 2

Change Details:

  1. Performance Appraisal>>Appraisal on the Add/Edit KPI form a. Replace KPI Type (Standard/Initiative) with a checkbox (ticked for Initiative) rename to Initiative. - Completed b. Scores summary (Percent, Employee, Manager, HR) - Completed c. Itaukai wants to caption HR Score and HR Comment as CEO/DGMORD Score and CEO/DGMORD comment. This will need to be reflected on all screens and reports where "HR Score" and "HR Comment" is used.

  2. Performance Appraisal Menu Group >>Key Performance Indicator>>add a new item to KPI Type. Make this list configurable

  3. Performance Appraisal>> Appraisal: Disallow generation of more than 1 appraisal per employee per quarter. (Development Note: Use menu configuration) a. Genr appraisals per employee in a year i.e one appraisal per quarter. If an appraisal already exists prevent the user from creating. i. Quarter 1 is 01 January to 31 March ii. Quarter 2 is 01 April to 30 June iii. Quarter 3 is 01 July to 30 September iv. Quarter 4 is 01 October to 31 December

  4. Employee Profile>> Performance Appraisal Menu main grid. a. Need a feature to edit overall score. This score can only be edited by authorized users. b. When the overall score is edited, a comment is mandatory. (Development Note: Add a field "ScoreOverrideReason") c. Need an overall comment field for the Supervisor/Manager. This comment field can only be edited by those in the Performance Workflow.(Development Note: Use existing note field) d. Add the ability for managers to update the Potential.

  5. Employee Profile>> Performance Appraisal Menu, detail grid. a. Rename Category to KPI Group b. A popup screen to display a history of the previous KPI appraisal scores. (Employee/Manager/HR) c. Add three tabs for score entry. Score entry will be done using the batch editor. Batch edit entries will be loaded on user security. d. Manager comment is mandatory if manager score is less than employee score. (Development Note: Use menu configuration) e Restrict scores to be greater than the base value of the KPI. (Employee, Manager, HR) (Development Note: add a rule to prevent exceeding values) f. Need "write" security on HR Score and HR comment. This score can only be edited if the score is not coming from a script. (This Functionality already exists. If the user has write access to this form, we do not want them to update.) i. When a new initiative KPI is added, the user will enter the description and KPI Weight. The base value is extracted from the menu Performance Appraisal>>Score Range Max Score. i. (Need to show how the added initiative will add to employee appraisal). The employee can not update a score for this KPI. ii. Use and Example to show the calculation (Refer to Figure 1 below. Detailed formulas in Calculations.xlsx). Completed Figure 1 - Formula for Overall Score