Company: Link Technologies
Case No: L12739. Project: 14.00: LinkSOFT Version 14.00
Logged By: Vineet (Link Business Solutions) on 31 May 2022 02:55PM
Priority: Low
Product: Payroll & HR
Group: Enhancement
Time Taken: 9.00 (Weight: 9.00)
Version: 14.00
Assigned To: Development
Circulation: Development, Sanjay, Vineet
Resolve By: Thursday, 30 June 2022 12:00 AM [688 days since logged date]
Status: Closed
Subject: Multiple Pay Teams Selection in Pay Component/Deduction/Banking Report
Section A - Describe what the request/issue is about 
(Any change to the original design or requirements, that are not clearly specified, will need to be handled through change management and may incur additional costs.)

In versions 10 and 11, when Pay Deduction Report was a separate report, users could type multiple Pay Teams in the Pay Team Filter separated by commas to generate the report for multiple pay teams at once. This is no longer functional in the new Pay Component/Deduction/Banking Reports. It has been raised by Goodman Fielder International during their UAT and has requested for it to be part of their upgraded version. Section C - Provide a Test plan - List out at least two scenarios that will be used to verify

  1. For the Month of June 2022, create pay for the Weekly, Fortnightly, and Monthly pay teams. Update these pays.
  2. Now generate Pay Component/Deduction/Banking Reports for
    1. Dates 01/06/2022 - 30/06/2022
    2. Company: 1001
    3. Pay Team: WKL, FTN
  3. Data should be displayed for these 2 pay teams

Audit Notes:Edited by sanjay on 08/06/22 13:29. Edited by sanjay on 08/06/22 13:28. 
08 Jun 202201:28PM Comment 1 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Case L12739 added to project 14.00
08 Jun 202201:28PM Comment 2 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Development Followup Date: 10-06-2022 01:28 PM Time Taken: 1.00
Added to Development project

08 Jun 202201:29PM Comment 3 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) ETC was changed from 01/06/2022 to 30/06/2022
17 Jun 202211:50AM Comment 4 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Development Followup Date: 22-06-2022 10:59 AM Time Taken: 6.00
PART A - Development work for this case has been completed.

1. The change will be available in version: 14.00

2. The following changes were made(Include Database object names, Program classes, and any other relevant information):

  1. Added CSV for Pay Team. You can select a single Pay Team or Multiple Pay Teams using Comma Separated Values. e.g. MTH,FTN,WKL etc.

3. Affected Areas:

  1. Pay Component/Deduction/Banking Report

4. The issue was caused by:

  1. Improvement and bringing back functionality from V10

5. Other Relevant Notes
6. Next Step
(Review and System Test (Developer) -> UAT (Quality) -> Documentation): UAT

21 Jul 202203:07PM Comment 5 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Development Followup Date: 29-07-2022 03:05 PM Time Taken: 2.00
The following tests were performed:

Table 1 - Test Results
NoTest CaseExpected ResultPass/FailComments
1Generate  "Pay Component/Deduction/Banking" Report for Pay Team MTHResults should show for Pay team MTH only

2Generate  "Pay Component/Deduction/Banking" Report for pay team MTH,FTN
Results should show for Pay team MTH and FTN


Environment Details

  1. OS version: Win11
  2. Application version: 14.00
  3. Setup on:
    1. Server: LinkQA4
    2. Database: LinkSOFT
    3. LinkSOFT URL: HTTP://LinkQA4/LinkSOFT
  4. Login Details: Standard username and password for user "admin"

Next Step: Closure

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