Company: Link Technologies
Case No: L13010. Project: 15.30: LinkSOFT Version 15.30
Logged By: Sanjay (Link Technologies) on 07 Mar 2024 03:12PM
Priority: Low
Product: Framework
Group: New Feature
Time Taken: 3.00 (Weight: 6.00)
Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies)
Circulation: Sanjay
Resolve By: Friday, 22 March 2024 09:26 AM [138 days since logged date]
Status: Closed
Subject: LinkSOFT Home page to contain a News Bulletin so companies can convey important messages

Add a home page option that allows users to display Notes/Comments like structure.

Latest news should be on top and in the "Open" format

Users should be able to access old Notes

Audit Notes:Edited by sanjay on 26/03/24 16:55. 
18 Mar 202409:27AM Comment 1 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies) Followup Date: 22-03-2024 09:26 AM Notes: ETC extended from: 07/03/2024 to 22/03/2024
Further investigation/design options in progress

26 Mar 202411:05AM Comment 2 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies) Followup Date: 05-04-2024 09:35 AM Time Taken: 3.00
This can be achieved by placing the configuration "LoginLandingPage" to "~/Framework/QuickNotes.aspx"

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