Company: Link Technologies
Case No: L12163. Project: 12.30: LinkSOFT Version 12.30
Logged By: Sanjay (Link Technologies) on 27 Jan 2021 10:13AM
Priority: High
Product: Point of Sale
Group: Software Defect
Time Taken: 4.00 (Weight: 4.00)
Version: 12.30
Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies)
Circulation: Alvis, Sanjay
Resolve By: Friday, 29 January 2021 10:13 AM [1177 days since logged date]
Status: Closed
Subject: "Inventory view cost" security .Users cannot view the cost, however, they can update the cost.

"Inventory view cost" security. Users cannot view the cost, however, they can update the cost.

We need to correct this so users can only update the cost f they have access.

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25 Feb 202110:02AM Comment 1 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Case L12163 added to project 12.3
25 Feb 202110:05AM Comment 2 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies) Followup Date: 25-02-2021 04:04 PM Time Taken: 4.00

PART A - Development work for this case has been completed.

1. The change will be available in version: 12.30

2. The following changes were made(Include Database object names, Program classes, and any other relevant information):

  1. Changed VIEW behavior to HIDE COst Columns if the user does not have access to Cost
  2. Removed COST from EDIT form if the user does not have access

3. Affected Areas:

  1. Inventory Adjustment

4. The issue was caused by:

5. Notes
6. Next Step


PART B - Development Reference:

1. Changes implemented was according to the approved design (Y/N):

2. Other relevant notes:

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