Company: Link Technologies
Case No: L12783. Project: 14.20: LinkSOFT Version 14.20 - November 2022
Logged By: Vineshwar Prasad (Edge Business Solutions) on behalf of Sanjay (Link Technologies) on 30 Aug 2022 02:05PM
Priority: Low
Product: Point of Sale
Group: Enhancement
Time Taken: 10.00 (Weight: 10.00)
Assigned To: Development
Circulation: Development, Navneet Kumar, Sanjay, Vineshwar Prasad
Resolve By: Wednesday, 30 November 2022 02:05 PM [597 days since logged date]
Status: Closed
Subject: FOC Quantity not shown on "Purchase Order Received Report"
Summary:    Issue: FOC Quantity not shown on "Purchase Order Received Report"

Environment Details:
  1. Hosted on:
  2. Company: 1001
  3. Version: 14.00.0729.GA
  1. Created Inventory Item: PT001
  2. Created Purchase Order No: PUR00030
  3. Order Quantity: 10
  4. FOC Quantity: 5
Audit Notes:Edited by sanjay on 31/10/22 16:33. Edited by sanjay on 18/10/22 11:33. Edited by sanjay on 07/10/22 14:50. Edited by sanjay on 07/10/22 14:50. Edited by sanjay on 07/10/22 14:49. Edited by sanjay on 30/08/22 14:05. 
26 Aug 202203:02PM Comment 1 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Development Followup Date: 30-08-2022 03:01 PM Time Taken: 1.00
Can you place a screenshot of where you want to see the FOC qty and transfer this case to DEV, and assign to Sanjay?

30 Aug 202209:35AM Comment 2 by Navneet Kumar Assigned To: Vineshwar Prasad (Edge Business Solutions) Followup Date: 30-08-2022 09:05 AM Time Taken: 1.00 Notes: ETC extended from: 30/09/2022 to 30/08/2022

Below are snapshot of the following Reports:

Figure 1: Purchase Order Reprint

Figure 2: Purchase Order Received Report


  1. Add FOC line in Purchase Order Received Report (Fig 2) similar to Purchase Order Reprint (Fig 1)

30 Aug 202212:04PM Comment 3 by Vineshwar Prasad (Edge Business Solutions) Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies) Followup Date: 02-09-2022 12:03 PM Notes: ETC extended from: 30/08/2022 to 02/09/2022
Transferred to Development

30 Aug 202202:05PM Comment 4 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Case L12783 added to project 14.20
30 Aug 202202:05PM Comment 5 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Development Followup Date: 30-11-2022 02:05 PM Notes: ETC extended from: 02/09/2022 to 30/11/2022
Added to project

13 Oct 202202:36PM Comment 6 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Development Followup Date: 21-10-2022 01:22 PM Time Taken: 6.00
PART A - Development work for this case has been completed.

1. The change will be available in version:14.20

2. The following changes were made(Include Database object names, Program classes, and any other relevant information):

  1. Added FOC quantity next to Qty Received
  2. Changed format to Landscape to fit new column and to handle larger Product Codes, Descriptions Quantity and other Amounts
  3. Corrected alignment issues

3. Affected Areas:

  1. Purchase Order Receive Report

4. The issue was caused by:

  1. Improvement and Change request

5. Other Relevant Notes
6. Next Step
(Review and System Test (Developer) -> UAT (Quality) -> Documentation):

Figure 1 - New Purchase Order Received Report

21 Oct 202202:17PM Comment 7 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Development Followup Date: 28-10-2022 02:14 PM Time Taken: 2.00
The following tests were performed:

Table 1 - Test Results

NoTest CaseExpected ResultPass/FailComments
1Generate a report for Purchase Order Receipts
FOC quantity should show including any totals

Environment Details

  1. OS version: Win11
  2. Application version: 14.20 Beta 1
  3. Setup on:
    1. Server: LinkQA4
    2. Database: LinkSOFT
    3. LinkSOFT URL: HTTP://LinkQA4/LinkSOFT
  4. Login Details: Standard username and password for user "admin"

Next Step: Closure

If you have any queries regarding this support incident, please email and include the Case No: L12783 in the subject line of all emails regarding this issue.

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