Company: Link Technologies
Case No: L12592. Project: 13.10: LinkSOFT version 13.10 - Improvements and Stabilisation
Logged By: Sanjay (Link Technologies) on 25 Sep 2021 07:10AM
Priority: Low
Product: Framework
Group: Software Defect
Time Taken: 5.00 (Weight: 8.00)
Version: 13.10.1011
Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies)
Circulation: Rashna, Sanjay
Resolve By: Thursday, 30 September 2021 11:59 PM [936 days since logged date]
Status: Closed
Subject: Syntax error is logged when searching Helpdesk cases with spaces between words, e.g. 'additional fields AND edit'.
Summary:    A syntax error is logged when searching Helpdesk cases with spaces between words, e.g. 'additional fields AND edit'.
Audit Notes:Edited by sanjay on 07/10/21 14:10. Edited by sanjay on 07/10/21 13:54. Edited by sanjay on 28/09/21 16:24. 
28 Sep 202103:58PM Comment 1 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Case L12592 added to project 13.04
28 Sep 202104:23PM Comment 2 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Rashna (Edge Business Solutions) Followup Date: 30-09-2021 04:20 PM Time Taken: 4.00
PART A - Development work for this case has been completed.

1. The change will be available in version:13.04.0928

2. The following changes were made(Include Database object names, Program classes, and any other relevant information):

  1. Corrected Full-Text Search filter to clean up the search criteria 

3. Affected Areas:

  1. Full-Text Seach using search criteria where there are multiple words involved. e.g. Search for: "Additional Fields AND EDIT" raises an Error in the log. This issue has been corrected.

4. The issue was caused by:

  1. Full-Text Search Syntax Error

5. Other Relevant Notes
6. Next Step
(Review and System Test (Developer) -> UAT (Quality) -> Documentation): UAT

30 Sep 202112:48PM Comment 3 by Rashna (Edge Business Solutions) Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies) Followup Date: 06-10-2021 12:46 PM Time Taken: 1.00
The following tests were performed:

Table 1 - Test Results
#Test Case DetailsPass/FailComments
  1. Search for "additional fields AND edit" under "View All Calls".
  2. Validate that there is no syntax errors in the database

Environment Details

  1. OS version:
  2. Application version:13.03.0930RC1
  3. Setup on:
    1. Server:LinkQA4
    2. Database: UAT-LINKSOFT
    3. LinkSOFT URL: HTTP://
  4. Login Details: Standard username and password for user "admin"

Next Step: Closure

05 Oct 202104:50PM Comment 4 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies) Followup Date: 07-10-2021 04:50 PM
Completed Testing

07 Oct 202101:54PM Comment 5 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) ETC was changed from 30/09/2021 to 30/09/2021
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