Company: Link Technologies
Case No: L12679
Logged By: Sitla Sharma (Edge Business Solutions) on 24 Feb 2022 08:58PM
Priority: High
Product: Financial & Asset Management
Group: New Feature
Time Taken: 6.00 (Weight: 6.00)
Version: Turtle Island Resort
Assigned To: Sitla Sharma (Edge Business Solutions)
Circulation: Sanjay, Sitla Sharma, Vineshwar Prasad
Resolve By: Tuesday, 01 March 2022 12:00 AM [784 days since logged date]
Status: Closed
Subject: Asset allocation to Employees and Projects Management for Assets

Turtle Island Resort has chosen to use our Asset Management feature. They have a Warehouse on the Island where all Assets/Equipment/ Tools are stored. These Assets are Transferred to;

  1. Main Land Office
  2. Transferred to an Employee
  3. Allocated to a Project


  1. Track Assets that are transferred to and from the Warehouse to the Main Land (Location to Location)
  2. Track Assets that are transferred to an Employee. For Example;
    • Boat Driver 1 will be working on the Island for 6 weeks
    • Certain Assets (Life Jackets, Fuel Tanks, Torch) will be issued to the Employee
    • After 6 weeks on the Island, the Employee will return home for a break. They will return the Assets that was issued to them
  3. Track Assets that are transferred to a Project. For Example;
    • The Resort has an in-house Maintenance team and they work on Construction tasks that can last for more than a day
    • Certain Assets (Generator, Power Tools, etc) are allocated to the Project
    • Once the Project is completed all the Assets needs to be returned to the Warehouse
  4. Asset Issue date needs to be captured
  5. Asset Expiry date needs to be captured (the date it should have been returned)
  6. Asset Return date needs to be captured (the date it was actually returned)
  7. Report
    • Asset Listing by Location
    • Asset Listing by Employee
    • Asset Listing by Project
  8. Alert (or Report)
    • Expiry Date when the Asset Should have been returned
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24 Feb 202209:37PM Comment 1 by Sitla Sharma (Edge Business Solutions) Assigned To: Sanjay (Link Technologies) Followup Date: 25-02-2022 12:58 AM

Hi Sanjay, 

We went over the demo looking into the Inventory module and Helpdesk. This will not work out well and LOT BIN is not captured in Stock Transfers as well.

To avoid future complications if the customer decides to use depreciation as well.

We request that the following be done:

  1. Have a menu for Projects -
    1. Similar to Location Under Asset Management Module. refer Table 1
    2. Allow Project field in Asset Edit Form
  2. Create Transfer form or Movement form which has fields as per below Table 2:
Table 1










Employee Dropdown



Start Date


End Date





Table 2

Transfer / Movement Form

Date To


Date From




Location From

Auto Field from previously assigned

Location To


Employee From

Auto Field from previously assigned

Employee To







Alerts and Reports to be as per comment header them 7 & 8.

Let us know if you need to discuss this. Appreciate it if this can be considered as this feature will help Asset Management Module greatly and be independently used.



08 Mar 202208:38AM Comment 2 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Sitla Sharma (Edge Business Solutions) Followup Date: 18-03-2022 12:21 PM Time Taken: 5.00

Hi Sitla, based on the requirements, using Asset management alone will not resolve the issue and will require us to duplicate Inventory functionality in the Asset Management module.

We had a detailed discussion which you have not included in this case. I have summarised our previous discussion below:

  1. Use Inventory Management to:
    1. Requirement: Track Assets and transfer them from one warehouse to another. Solution: Use Warehouse = Inventory.Location
    2. Requirement: Track Asset transfer to Employees. Solution: This can be done using Lot/Bin Management. We can automate this process by using a plugin that converts Employees to Bin numbers based on "Territory". 
    3. Requirement: Track Assets that are transferred to a Project. Solution: We can add a tab in Helpdesk Projects to allow Items of a Pre-Defined Category to be added. We can add a plugin that automatically adds/removed items from this list based on how they are transferred to and from employees.
    4. Requirement: Asset Issue date needs to be captured Solution: Use Transfer reports to view movement. We can add Lot/Bin details in the transfer listing report
    5. Requirement: Asset Expiry date needs to be captured Solution: Lot/Bin management already has an expiry date
    6. Requirement: Asset Return date needs to be captured Solution: Use inventory Transfers for this
    7. Requirement: Report (Asset Listing by Location, Asset Listing by Employee, Asset Listing by Project) Solution: Reports already exists, we can modify them if additional information is required
    8. Requirement: Alert (or Report). Solution: We can add this as part of the standard functionality
  2. Use Asset Management to:
    1. Requirement: Ability to depreciate assets. Solution: We can add a plugin to link Assets to selected categories of Items so Asset management can handle activities (including depreciation)

Next step:

  1. Review the above and list issues that cannot be handled - Sitla
  2. Assign the case to Sanjay to respond to 1. above
  3. Request additional information required to implement changes - Sanjay
  4. Complete design and allocate to project - Sanjay

25 May 202209:24AM Comment 3 by Sanjay (Link Technologies) Assigned To: Sitla Sharma (Edge Business Solutions) Followup Date: 25-05-2022 01:23 PM Time Taken: 1.00

We are closing this case as we believe it is either resolved or is no longer an issue. Please reopen the case if you have any concerns or wish to pursue this case further.

Thank you.

If you have any queries regarding this support incident, please email and include the Case No: L12679 in the subject line of all emails regarding this issue.

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